Tekscan systems provide critical force and pressure data in various environments including research and development, quality assurance, and testing as well as human and animal health care & research settings worldwide. Explore our product lines below!

  Pressure Mapping

Measure interface pressure between two surfaces, utilizing a thin and flexible sensor. The resulting data and our analysis tools offer insights to enhance product design, manufacturing, quality, and research.

All-Purpose Pressure Mapping

Measure and analyze interface pressure between two surfaces, utilizing a thin and flexible sensor.

I-Scan pressure mapping system


The versatile I-Scan tactile pressure mapping system is tailor-made by choosing from over 200 pressure sensors to meet your specific application requirements


Battery & Energy Storage

Measure and analyze interface pressure between battery cells, modules, or in and around the battery pack. Learn more about our battery applications.

Battery pressure sensor

Battery Pressure Measurement

Our new 7800 sensors was designed for the battery and energy storage market. Works with the I-Scan system.

I-Scan pressure mapping system


Our I-Scan tactile pressure mapping system is our system for battery/EV and energy storage pressure measurement. We have a variety of different sensor configurations to get the pressure data you need.



Measure interface pressure for hand, finger gripping, and seating applications to assess comfort and design.

Body pressure mapping system

Body Pressure Mapping System (BPMS™)

For body pressure mapping applications, including seating & wheelchair, mattresses, cushions, backrests, and more

Grip pressure mapping system

Grip™ System

Tactile grip pressure mapping system that quantifies forces applied by the human hand while grasping objects


Nip Alignment

Verify uniform pressure distribution between rolls by capturing nip pressure profile data in real time.

Learn more about our nip measurement systems.

Nip roller pressure measurement system

I-Scan for Nip Measurement

Multi-use nip pressure measurement system primarily for instrumentation setup

Nip pressure alignment tool


Advanced nip pressure alignment tool primarily used for maintenance & setup



Our biomechanics systems are found in human and animal health care & research settings worldwide for applications including gait analysis, seating & positioning, prosthetic assessment, and joint studies.

Human Gait Analysis

Perform comprehensive gait analyses with Tekscan's platform-based Strideway or in-shoe based F-Scan pressure measurement systems.

Learn more about our human gait analysis systems.

In-shoe pressure mapping system

F-Scan™ GO

A research validated in-shoe pressure mapping system for foot function and gait analysis

Plantar pressure mapping system


Modular plantar pressure mapping system for gait analysis

in-shoe pressure mapping systemF-Scan64 System™

Cord-free in-shoe system for quick and natural gait analysis




Balance & Stability

Get quantitative data to improve a subject's balance, increase their agility, develop muscle tone and treat a wide variety of pathologies.

Learn more about our balance & stability systems.



Portable & easily transported for use on the field, in the lab or almost anywhere. Available in standard and high-resolution.

SB Mat

SB Mat™

Larger surface area accommodates dynamic balance testing, like lunges and squats




Joint & Prosthetics

Capture objective & quantifiable data for joint function analysis and prosthetics.

Joint pressure analysis system


Provides a better understanding of how the contact surfaces of articulating bones are functioning and loading

Prosthetics fit pressure mapping system


Enables prosthetics pressure mapping for improved design, fit, and function


Seating & Positioning

Optimize seating, bedding, positioning & wheelchair cushioning solutions with Tekscan's body pressure measurement systems.

Learn more about our body pressure mapping systems.


CONFORMat™ System

Develop optimal seating and positioning strategies for each patient

Body Pressure Mapping

Body Pressure Measurement System (BPMS™)

Optimize bedding and positioning solutions


  Foot Mapping for Retail

Tekscan works with you to develop customized solutions that maximize customer engagements, advance consumer satisfaction, and increase sales.

Retail Solutions

Standard and customized solutions built on our foot mapping technology that help you drive success in your retail outlets.

Learn more about our foot mapping for retail solutions.

Footprint Plus


Presto-Scan is a unique way to differentiate through customer engagement and education. The Presto-Scan system has the ability to measure foot pressure distribution while walking or standing.


  Dental Occlusal Analysis

Our T-Scan system enhances patient education, reduces costly repeat visits and remakes, and enables a more confident, proactive approach to patient care. Assess bite force patterns to improve prosthetic fit, relieve jaw and muscle pain, and improve overall function.

Dental Occlusal Analysis

Dynamic occlusal measurement - revealing the level and timing of force on individual teeth and the occlusal stability of the overall bite.

Learn more about our dental occlusal analysis system.

Dental occlusal analysis system


The T-Scan™ is a diagnostic device that records a patient's bite force dynamics including occlusal force, location and timing. T-Scan sensors and supports are available for purchase online.



Tekscan's animal gait solutions provide easy access to essential parameters for identifying lameness and tracking progress.

Animal Gait Analysis Systems

Multiple configurations and resolutions available that nearly any size animal can be evaluated from rats to turkeys to cows.

Learn more about our animal gait analysis systems.

Animal Strideway System

Animal Strideway System

Modular pressure measurement walkway for animal gait analysis

Hoof System

Hoof™ System

Provides pressure data for the analysis, interpretation, and treatment of equine or large animal gait and ambulatory function


  Force Measurement

Tekscan's load & force measuring systems answer market needs for an economical test & measurement tool.

Force Measurement Systems

Tekscan provides multiple setups to obtain force feedback data from our FlexiForce™ sensors. Both systems are available in both single-point and multi-point configurations and are available for immediate purchase in our webstore.

Learn more about our force measurement systems.

ELF Force Measurement System


Single element force sensors, advanced electronics and software produce a simple but powerful, cost-effective force measurement system

WELF 2 Force Measurement System


Wireless electronics, software, and force sensors enable your laptop or PC to capture and store force data


  Pressure Indicating Film

FujiFilm's Prescale pressure indicating films are single-use films that reveal static pressure distribution and magnitude between any two mating surfaces. This film can be analyzed digitally with the FujiFilm Pressure Distribution Mapping System for Prescale. Both are available for purchase in our online store.

Static Pressure Mapping

Quantify pressure data in numerical format from Prescale film.

Purchase Prescale Film

FujiFilm Pressure Distribution Mapping System for Prescale FPD-8010E

FujiFilm Pressure Distribution Mapping System for Prescale FPD-8010E

Digitize and analyze Prescale film output. This system consists of software, a scanner, scanner cover and calibration sheet.


Need a Custom System?

Tekscan can create custom-designed force measurement and pressure mapping systems to meet your specific OEM or integration needs. Contact us and we'll be happy to help!

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