Manufacturing Capabilities

FlexiForce™ sensors are ideal for OEM products thanks to our ability to customize:

  • Geometry: Sensors can be designed in a variety of shapes and sizes.
  • Size: FlexiForce sensors have been manufactured with active area diameters as small as 1.86 mm and widths as large as 402.59 mm (15.85 in)
  • Operating environments: We offer FlexiForce sensors in three different formats
    • Standard
      • -40°C to 60°C (-40°F to 140°F)
    • Enhanced Stability Series (ESS) - ideal for high humidity operating conditions
      • -40°C to 85°C (-40°F to 185°F)
    • High temperature
      • -40°C to 204°C (-40°F to 400°F)
  • Designed for different connection methods: This article shows several ways FlexiForce sensors can be connected and terminated to the space and budget needs of any application.
  • Integration support: Our team of mechanical, electrical, and application engineers is here to ensure a successful product integration.

The Sensor Customization Process

If our off-the-shelf force sensors don't meet your requirements, we invite you to discuss custom solutions with our team of engineers. Thanks to the unique construction and operating capabilities of FlexiForce sensors, Tekscan can create custom-designed force sensors to meet your specific OEM needs.

The Process Begins by Identifying Your Application's Needs

Quick Questions

Tekscan Sales & Applications Engineers with gather the broad design specifics for your sensor customization project through a brief questionnaire. This baseline information will help us begin developing your custom solution.

After Further Conversations, a Formalized Quote is Submitted to the Customer

Tekscan Sales & Applications engineers will work directly with you to ensure your sensor design needs are met with regards to performance and budget. 

Sensor Design is Approved by the Customer, and Production Begins

Design verification

Tekscan will keep customers informed on expected production and delivery times throughout this final stage.

Engaging with our team throughout the design process saves you time, money, and resources. This design collaboration results in a lower cost, shorter design cycle, and ultimately, a successful product.

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The FlexiForce Integration Knowledge Base

Minimizing the overall project time of designing and embedding technology into a product or device – from prototyping to production implementation - is critically important in all types of industries. Setting yourself for success starts with gaining a clear understanding of the embedded technology you are working with to limit risks and ensure success.

That's why we're pleased to introduce the FlexiForce Integration Knowledge Base help ensure a successful integration of a FlexiForce force-sensitive resistor.

access the flexiforce integration knowledge base

A Committment to Quality

Tekscan has an extensive pressure and force measurement product portfolio. We started manufacturing sensors and the associated software and hardware in 1987 and since then have continued to add new products and enhance our existing product line. If you have a requirement and the product does not exist today, we welcome a discussion about a potential custom solution.

Tekscan, Inc. is committed to quality:

  • All sensor manufacturing and production happen at ISO 9001 compliant & 13485 registered Tekscan headquarters
  • All sensors are RoHS compliant
  • All sensors are 100% tested to ensure they meet agreed upon specifications

Are You Ready?

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