Software Drivers

Normally, you will not need to download and install any drivers, since they are shipped with your system and installed when you install your software. However, there may be times when we recommend that you download the latest driver. There are a few available drivers, depending on your electronics.

Once you click any of the links below, select "Save" to save it on your computer. Then locate the file and launch it to install the drivers on your system. Follow the instructional on-screen prompts that appear.

Software Drivers for Evolution™ and Novus™ and ELF Handles

If you are using an Evolution™ Handle (pictured below left), locate the label on the back of the handle and ensure the serial number starts with "102" (pictured below right):

Evolution Handle

For a Novus™ Handle, the serial number starts with "103."

Novus Handle

For an ELF ™ Handle, the serial number starts with "126."

You can download and install the latest Windows 10 or 11 drivers for Evolution or Novus handles here:

Download Software Driver Here

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