Capture & Analyze Tire Behavior at High Speeds

Tekscan’s High Speed TireScan™ system captures the impact of speed, motion, and inertial forces on a tire at speeds up to 265 km/h (165 mph). The robust array of pressure sensing elements scans at 20 kHz as the tire rolls across it. The software displays the tire shape and pressure distribution while in motion. The software displays the tire patch and pressure distribution while in motion.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Capture repeatable tire patch at velocities of up to 265 kmh
  • Data collection procedure streamlines with test plan
  • Lightweight wireless electronics & sensor can be retrofit to Flat Track machine or drum 
  • Wireless system control and data transfer
  • Data can be analyzed in software or exported to ASCII
  • Battery and TekDAQ mounting sleeves allow quick setup and easy removal 

Key Applications:

  • Characterize tire contact patch behavior at high speeds
  • Illustrate tire wear
  • Improve patch representation in model formulas
  • Evaluate rolling resistance
  • Validate existing Finite Element Analysis (FEA) models
  • Optimize tire selection for vehicle design
Capture Critical Speed, Motion, and Inertial Force Data Like Never Before

How High Speed TireScan Works

Tire slice diagram


Testing Configurations

The system can measure tire patch on flat track and drum tests


Tire Geometry Recognition

Sensor and System Specifications

The thin sensor is durable and robust enough to handle the aggressive conditions of tire testing. For example, the sensor can:

  • survive thousands of tests
  • withstand aggressive cornering & braking
  • be mounted under sandpaper to maintain coefficient of friction
TekDAQ 210, Sensor, and Battery Pack
TekDAQ 210, Sensor, and Battery Pack
Sensor Technology Resistive
Accuracy ± 5%
Pressure Range 10-600psi
Thickness 0.2 mm (0.008 in.) Not compressible
Scanning Speed 10-20 kHz


Tekscan TekDAQ Data Aquisition Electronics

Sensor Configurations


Sensor Configuration

This larger sensor is ideal for the following types of tires:

  • truck
  • aircraft
  • bus
  • racing
Tire Sensor 9606


Sensor Configuration

This smaller sensor is idea for the following types of tires:

  • passenger vehicles
  • motorcycles
  • off-the-road-vehicles
Tire Sensor 9602

Electronics Specifications:

TekDAQ 210

  • Can be configured and triggered wirelessly
  • Save data to local memory/upload to PC wirelessly or via SD card
  • Powered by external battery which can continuously collect data for 3 hours
  • Lightweight electronics are secured to belt surface with mounting sleeve
TelDAQ 210

Analyze Tire Footprint Pressure Profiles

The High Speed TireScan software module provides the tools for a more comprehensive and higher quality analysis. The software displays the pressure distribution data in multiple formats. The user has the option to create and customize reports from the corresponding tire data and export as a CSV or Microsoft Word file format.

Software Analysis

Tirescan software analysis

High-Speed TireScanTM software is designed to streamline the data collection process for efficient analysis

Tire Geometry Recognition

Tirescan patch key insights

High Speed TireScanTM captures key tire shape changes that can occur from centrifugal forces at different speeds. This example shows how one tire design was affected when tested at 48 km/h (30 mph), and again at 193 km/h (120 mph).

Watch this 2-minute System Overview

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