Pressure mapping in prosthetic fit design

F-Socket System

Enables improved design, fit, and function of prosthetics.

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Prosthetic Fit Design

F-Socket™ Pressure System Features

  • Addresses the needs of the Orthotist & Prosthetist (O & P) professional by enabling improved design, fit, and function of prosthetics
  • Provides detailed pressure profiles and graphical displays for quantitative analysis
  • Uses a paper-thin, high-resolution sensor placed within the socket that can be trimmed into freely floating fingers to closely approximate the curvature of the socket interface
  • Closely examines the formation of pressures within the socket interface during the various phases of gait allowing you to modify the socket/stump interface accordingly
  • Sensors trim to fit prosthetic
F-Socket system in actionF-Socket system in action F-Socket Software provides information on peak pressures, force vs. time graphs and center of force (CoF).F-Socket Software provides information on peak pressures, force vs. time graphs and center of force (CoF).

Benefits of Pressure Mapping:

  • Improve design and fit of sockets and prosthetics
  • Increase longevity for wear of socket and use of prosthesis
  • Reduce recovery time for improved healing
  • Tangible, visible biofeedback, therefore increasing compliance and tolerance of the amputee to the socket and prostheses

The F-Socket™ system is available with the following hardware choices: Tethered, Wireless, and Datalogger.


F-Socket™ Pressure System Applications

  • Determine the proper fit of below the knee (BK) and above the knee (AK) sockets and prostheses
  • Determine contact area and dynamic stress analysis of the socket design
  • Assess the design and evaluate function of the socket
  • Examine the distribution of pressure during various phases of gait

Numerous articles have been published regarding pressure mapping and its clinical and research applications.  Tekscan has compiled a list of these research publications in our Medical Bibliography.


F-Socket™ Configuration

A Tekscan system consists of scanning electronics, software and patented thin-film sensors.

The F-Socket™ system is available in multiple configurations. Your Tekscan sales representative will help you determine the best system for you, based on your needs.

F-Socket System Components

System Setup System Description System Components

F-Socket Tethered
Versatek Tethered

Wires connect the sensor and scanning electronics on the subject to the computer via USB port. Dynamic events are captured with high scan rates up to 160 Hz.

VersaTek™ Cuff(s)
VersaTek 2-Port Hub
F- Socket Software CD
Sensor(s) #9811E

F-Socket Wireless

Data is transmitted directly from the subject to the computer, allowing for a wide range of applications. The subject can be up to 100 meters away and data can be recorded and displayed on the computer in real time. A 160 Hz scan rate is available with wireless connectivity.

2 VersaTek Cuffs
VersaTek 2-Port Hub
F-Socket Software CD
Sensor(s) #9811E
Wireless Unit


F-Socket DataloggerVersatek Datalogger

Collects and stores sensor data in its internal memory for upload to a computer at a later time. The subject can travel over 100 meters from the computer and can be used when a recording needs to be made over an extended period of time. Scan rates of 160 Hz can be achieved.

2 VersaTek Cuffs
VersaTek 2-Port Hub
F-Socket Software CD
Sensor(s) #9811E
Datalogger Unit
8 GB Memory Card


Every VersaTek based system uses specially designed scanning electronics called Cuffs. The Cuffs connect to the sensor, gather the data from the sensor, and then process and send this data to your computer via USB connection. VersaTek electronics sample at the fastest speeds and are compatible with other VersaTek sensors, giving you the ability to add in-shoe, prosthetic, grip, and seating & positioning capabilities to your Tekscan System.

Components depend on system configuration. Additional items may be included with your system purchase.


F-Socket™ Pressure Sensor


F-Socket™ Software Features

Sample F-Socket software showing the video synchronization add-on feature.Sample F-Socket software showing the video synchronization add-on feature.

  • Display 2D and 3D real-time and recorded data
  • Display contact area, average and peak pressures, and Center of Pressure and its trajectory
  • View data frame by frame
  • Side-by-side comparisons of pre- and post-treatment conditions
  • Measure distance between two points (anatomical landmarks or sites)
  • Isolate and analyze specific regions
  • Import and export subject movie files

The software is available in several languages including Spanish, French and German. View software languages available.