Analyze Foot Function with Pressure Mapping

Tekscan offers a broad range of easy-to-use and proven tools for assessing foot function through force and pressure distribution analysis. Unique insights on foot function from these systems help clinicians determine the root cause of problems in the lower extremities.

Tekscan software allows you to segment the foot for a more detailed foot function analysis and identifies the area of highest pressure.Tekscan software allows you to segment the foot for a more detailed foot function analysis and identifies the area of highest pressure.

Whether you choose our F-Scan™ in-shoe analysis system, Strideway™ platform or a pressure measurement mat, you can be confident that you are always receiving objective and actionable information to address and treat foot function abnormalities. Tekscan's foot function analysis systems provide insights to help you:

  • Identify asymmetries between the left and right foot
  • Monitor the effectiveness of treatments
  • Easily compare pre and post treatments with automated reporting
  • Educate patients about their pathologies with visual biofeedback
  • Identify plantar pressure profile discrepancies between left and right feet

Pressure Measurement Systems

Tekscan has two distinct configurations of in-shoe analysis and pressure platform systems to help you evaluate foot function. Whether you are looking to offload areas of high pressure for ulcers, document patient progress or identify foot pathologies Tekscan's solutions can help.  Learn more about the different options available.

In-Shoe Analysis Systems

Advanced Gait Analysis

Essential Gait Insights

F-Scan GO System

Ultra-thin, in-shoe sensors capture timing and pressure information for foot function and gait analysis. High resolution and data throughput.

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F-Scan64 System

Cord-free in-shoe system with micro-sized, Bluetooth™-enabled electronics allowing for quick, natural gait analysis. 

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Strideway™ System

Modular pressure platform system for gait measurement with spatial temporal data

Strideway is Tekscan's walkway solutionStrideway is Tekscan's walkway solution

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Pressure Measurement Mats

"The F-Scan system has completely changed my understanding of the foot's function. I can now 'see' how small changes in a custom orthotic device greatly affect foot function. I am able to make step-by-step changes and modification to my patients' orthotics and know immediately whether it has bettered or worsened their condition.  Because of my work with the F-Scan sytem, I enjoy my podiatric practice again.  It is extremely fulfilling to help someone eliminate their limping gait and greatly decrease their pain."

- Bruce Williams, DPM, Merrillville, IN


Trusted, Proven Solutions

Numerous articles have been published on analyzing foot function using a Tekscan system. Tekscan has compiled a list of these research publications in our Medical Bibliography.

Learn more about Tekscan's pressure offloading & foot function solutions. 

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