Nip Pressure Alignment Tool

The NPAT is used to capture nip footprints and relative pressure distribution between nip rolls. The NPAT sensor band array can cover a very large area while utilizing one data acquisition handle.

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Nip Pressure Measurement

NPAT System RolledNPAT System Rolled

The Nip Pressure Alignment Tool™ (NPAT™) is a complete nip pressure and force measurement tool that takes the guesswork out of machine set-up. By using real-time data, the NPAT verifies uniform pressure and nip contact. The tool measures and displays, in real-time nip widths between 6.35 mm (.25") and 215.9 mm (8.5").

How to Use NPAT

Check out this short video to see how NPAT can capture critical nip roll uniformity data in minutes!

There are several key features and benefits that ensure maximum usability for operators of the system: 

Key Features:

Verify nip pressureVerify nip pressure

  • Configurable array of sensing bands
  • Carrier to keep the bands/housing properly aligned during use
  • Enclosure for the Evolution™ handle that protects electronics in more rugged applications
  • Bands that can be easily replaced and serviced in-field
  • Three sensor model resolutions to support different roll sizes
  • Easily rolled up for storage

Benefits of Measuring Nip Pressure:

NPAT Software OutputNPAT Software Output

  • Clear visual representation of pressure distribution, nip width, and cross width
  • Ensures proper alignment
  • Prevents equipment and product damage
  • Provides quantifiable and credible data
  • Easily maintained in-field


NPAT™ Configurations

The NPAT™ is a system used to capture nip footprints and relative pressure distribution between nip rolls. The system utilizes a sensor made up of an array of thin and flexible pressure sensitive bands, which can be configured to match the size of your roll. The data provided by the NPAT ensures machine set-up and proper roll alignment resulting in a higher production yield.

There are nine standard systems that each have their own spacing. All systems have a nip sensing width between 44.45 mm (1.75 in.) and 223.5 mm (8.80 in.). The system is able to measure pressures of up to 4,500 psi. 

Standard Options

System Configuration - NER5700 & NER5707

The 5700* and 5707** systems have one column per band. These systems are ideal for larger rolls in the printing industry.

* 5700 Sensing Band (1 column per band; MAX 13 bands/13 columns) is used to make sensors between 457.2 mm (18”) and 6,400.8 mm (252”).

** 5707 Sensing Band (1 column per band; MAX 17 bands/17 columns) is used to make sensors between 1,524 mm (60”) and 10,000 mm (396”).

System Configuration - NER5705

The 5705*** system has 5 columns per band and the spacing of the columns is locked at 25.4 mm (1"). This system is ideal for smaller rolls in the film and converting industry. 

*** 5705 Sensing Band (5 columns per band; MAX 13 bands /65 columns) is used to make sensors between 355.6 mm
(14”) and 1,625.6 mm (64”).



The software included has a simple user interface that allows for fast and efficient machine set-up. It has a streamlined set of features that allows the suer to easily identify nip uniformity. The pressure distribution across each band is displayed and can be saved as a snapshot of the image. More features include:

Compare previous reference snapshotCompare previous reference snapshot

  • Real-time display of pressure profile on bands across roll
  • Graph Nip Width & Relative Force of each sensing band
  • Center of force cursor verifies equal load from bearings
  • Color scale of pressure values
  • Compare real-time data with reference measurement previously taken
  • Provided with average nip width and relative pressure data
  • Can be used with existing Evolution handle

Software showing roller misalignmentSoftware showing roll misalignment Software showing heavy crown or misalignmentSoftware showing heavy crown or misalignment



Nip RollerNip Roller

  • Machine Set-up
  • Machine Comparison
  • Preventative Maintanence
    • Misalignment
    • Crowns
    • Diameter Variations
    • Deflections

Industries Served

Paper MillPaper Mill

  • Printing
  • Iron and Steel
  • Packaging
  • Die Press
  • Converting
  • Film
  • Coaters
  • Mills
  • Laminators
  • Pull Roll