Analyze Foot Function with Pressure Mapping Technology

Tekscan's Presto-Scan™ is a unique way to differentiate through customer engagement and education. The Presto-Scan system has the ability to measure foot pressure distribution while walking or standing.  Gather objective insights to recommend or build custom orthotics tailored to address the specific pathologies of clients.  The system is independent of footwear or insole manufacturers/distributors, allowing you to stock any product and guide your recommendations accordingly. The simple user interface at an affordable price helps you focus on serving your customers. 

Increase Client Engagement

  • Provide clients with a printout of their pressure profiles & purchasing choices
  • Educate clients about their foot type and appropriate footwear to optimize function and comfort
  • Capture clients’ attention with high-tech foot pressure mapping displays

Enhance Client Satisfaction

  • Identify the foot type, foot function and weight distribution
  • Recommend appropriate foot wear, insoles or orthotics based on objective data
  • Pinpoint problem areas instantly

Differentiate yourself from the competition

  • Store client information on foot type & footwear preferences
  • Increase sales with target marketing campaigns
Presto-Scan is an engaging and educational platform, ideal for retail settings.Presto-Scan is an engaging and educational platform, ideal for retail settings.

Presto-Scan™ Applications

  • Identify the foot type and foot function of your client

  • Immediately view high plantar pressure points and the weight distribution on your client’s feet

  • Provide client with appropriate shoe style, comfort insoles, or off-the-shelf orthotics

  • Measure foot pressure distribution while walking or standing

  • Store client information on foot type and footwear preferences to provide superior customer service and deliver targeted marketing campaigns

Presto-Scan System Components

The Presto-Scan system consists of the low profile and portable pressure measurement platform and software.  The Presto-Scan platform connects to your computer via USB to transmit the data from the sensing platform. See below for Presto-Scan platform specifications. 

Sensor Model


Sensor Resolution

1.0 sensels/cm2

Platform Dimensions (L x W x H)

63.6 x 55.9 x 4.2 cm (25 x 22 x 1.7 in))

Active Sensing Area

48.7 x 44.7 cm (19.2 x 17.6 in)

Thickness of Sensing Area

0.76 cm (0.3 in)

Maximum Pressure Range

50 to 125 psi (345 to 862 kPa)

Scan Rates

100 Hz


3.5 kg (7.8 lb)

Operating Temperature

32º to 95ºF (0º to 35ºC)

Data Connection

USB 2.0

Portable platform allows assessments to be conducted in any location.Portable platform allows assessments to be conducted in any location.


Additional items may be included with your system purchase.

Presto-Scan Software Features

presto-scan software insights

  • Display 2D & 3D pressure profiles in real-time or record and save for later use and review
  • Display Center of Force progression while walking
  • Print reports for clients with their pressure profiles and buying record
  • Customizable screen saver
  • Drop-down menus to record foot type, foot and regions with highest pressure
  • Show percentage of weight distribution while standing:
    • Left foot vs. right foot
    • Forefoot vs. rear foot
  • Show foot measurement
  • Display pressure profiles of normal, flat, and high arch feet for comparison
  • Client database allows you to store customer information
  • Analyze customer purchasing history
  • Create targeted marketing campaigns based on data
  • Provide higher quality service to your customers

All Tekscan software works with current Windows based operating systems. To view the complete computer requirements click here.

The software is available in several languages including Spanish, French and German. View software languages available.

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