What is Strideway™?

Strideway is the first truly modular gait analysis platform in the industry. Strideway provides objective information on force and plantar pressure, plus temporal (time), spatial (distance) and kinetic (movement) parameters at the click of a button. 

Strideway Features:

  • The modular platform captures multiple footsteps in a single pass and allows you to choose the system sensing area and sensor resolution
  • Integrates with other gait lab technologies, such as EMG and motion capture systems
  • Automated calculation of an array of gait parameters: step and stride time, distance, velocity, and cadence
  • Automatically detects foot strikes with labels for left or right and number stances from first to last

  • Foot segmentation aids in calculating toe-in or toe-out angle, compared to the line of progression

  • Low profile platform reduces risk of tripping and minimizes gait changes and wider to accommodate walkers
  • Quick set-up and data collection process
Strideway is a versatile product that can be used for patients young and old.Strideway is a versatile product that can be used for patients young and old.

Strideway: A Step Above the Rest!

Watch the video to see how Strideway can advance your practice, gait lab or research institution. 


Strideway is Used by Clinicians and Researchers to:

  • Identify asymmetries or gait dysfunctions
  • Quantify foot function and gait patterns over several strides
  • Evaluate plantar pressure distribution for asymmetries and areas of high pressure
  • Monitor improvements post surgery or rehabilitation
  • Track patient progress with database and comparison reports
  • Determine the effectiveness of a proposed treatment

  • Assess high pressures and deviated Center of Force trajectories resulting from foot dysfunction and/or gait related disorders
  • Evaluate and determine treatments for pathomechanical and neuromuscular foot and gait affecting disorders
  • Investigate a treatment hypothesis for pathomechanical and neuromuscular foot and gait disorders
  • Screen for areas of potential ulcerations

Strideway's wide platform accommodates walkers and canes

Data shown here is from a patient with a walking assistive device (quad cane). The software auto identifies foot strikes and disregards the pressure from the cane.

Data shown here is from a patient with a walking assistive device (quad cane). The software auto identifies foot strikes and disregards the pressure from the cane.

See Margie King, PhD, perform a clinical gait analysis using the Strideway System

For another example of clinical usage, download this case study to see how a clinician was able to validate a treatment plan for a patient with Cerebral Palsy.

View our bibliography to see the broad depth of applications for the Strideway.



Strideway is a modular gait analysis system available in lengths from 1-5 meters long. This system includes the embedded scanning electronics, software and patented thin-film sensors. With simply two cords, one power cord and one USB cord per system, set up is streamlined and efficient.

The system comes with 2 end caps to ensure the animals reach their comfortable gait prior to capturing the data. This eliminates the need to discard steps or clean up the data in post data collection analysis.

Strideway is modular up to 5m. A 4-tile system is shown here.Strideway is modular up to 5m. A 4-tile system is shown here.

Top view of Strideway 4.Top view of Strideway 4.

* Components depend on system configuration. Additional items may be included with your system purchase.

System Resolution & Sensor Selection

Ideal configuration for adults

Ideal configuration for adults

  • System Model: SRSW2 - SRSW8
  • Sensor Model: 3160
  • Resolution: 0.968 sensels/cm2 (6.25 sensels/in2)
  • # of Sensing Elements per Tile: 4,096



Ideal configuration for children

Ideal configuration for children

  • System Model: HRSW2 - HRSW8
  • Sensor Model: 3164
  • Resolution: 3.88 sensels/cm2 (25.0 sensels/in2)
  • # of Sensing Elements per Tile: 16,256

System Dimensions

The Strideway is available in a number of standard lengths.


Active Sensing Area

Overall Dimensions
with End Tiles

Strideway 2

0.65 x 1.3 m
2.1 x 4.3 ft

0.91 x 2.60 m
3.0 x 8.5 ft

Strideway 3

0.65 x 1.95 m
2.1 x 6.4 ft

0.91 x 3.25 m
3.0 x 10.7 ft

Strideway 4

0.65 x 2.60 m
2.1 x 8.5 ft

0.91 x 3.90 m
3.0 x 12.8 ft

Strideway 5

0.65 x 3.25 m
2.1 x 10.7 ft

0.91 x 4.55 m
3.0 x 14.9 ft

Strideway 6

0.65 x 3.90 m
2.1 x 12.8 ft

0.91 x 5.20 m
3.0 x 17.1 ft

Strideway 7

0.65 x 4.55 m
2.1 x 14.9 ft

0.91 x 5.85 m
3.0 x 19.2 ft

Strideway 8

0.65 x 5.20 m
2.1 x 17.1 ft

0.91 x 6.50 m
3.0 x 21.3 ft

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Actionable gait information is displayed in a variety of ways, including graphs, pressure profiles, tables or charts to allow for rapid identification of asymmetries, abnormalities or treatment effectiveness.

Segment the foot to locate specific areas for analysis.Segment the foot to locate specific areas for analysis.

Software Features:

  • Display 2D and 3D real-time and recorded data
  • Side-by-side comparisons of pre- and post-treatment conditions
  • Frame by frame, single, and multi-stance phase displays
  • Display pressure and force curves over time
  • Import and export client movie files
  • Display Center of Force and its trajectory
  • Optional: Add-on the Sway Analysis Module (SAM) to analyze sway and assess postural stability

Simplified Data for Gait Analysis

  • Accurate spatial, temporal, and kinetic parameters
  • Plantar pressure measurements and force data
  • Visible biofeedback for patient education and compliance
  • Isolate and analyze specific areas of plantar foot
  • Shows averaged pressure profile display for selected multiple foot strikes

Automatic calculation of gait parameters & display in tables

  • Gait Table: Shows key values for an entire gait cycle
  • Gait Cycle Table and Step-Stride Table: Provides individual data for each foot, and differences between the feet (right minus left)
  • Symmetry Table: Provides a symmetry score (or index) between left and right sides (in %)
  • Differential Table: Provides comparative of differences between left and right sides

Easily identify asymmetries between sides with R-L Difference provided in the gait tables.Easily identify asymmetries between sides with R-L Difference provided in the gait tables.


Time-Saving, Easy-to-Understand Reports Help You Get to the Core of your Research or Treatment strideway reporting feature

Strideway systems are compatible with 64-bit operating systems only.  All Tekscan software works with current Windows® based operating systems. To view the complete computer requirements click here.

The software is available in several language including Spanish, French, and German. View available software languages.

Award Winning Technology

Strideway was a recipient of a 2018 R&D 100 Technology award. Each year, the R&D 100 Awards honor the latest and best innovations, identifying the top technology products.

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