Economically obtain proof-of-concept data

Many of our OEM customers begin their FlexiForce integration process by purchasing our off-the-shelf standard force sensors. For your ease and convenience, Tekscan has developed intuitive plug and play integration kits to help design engineers evaluate FlexiForce sensors for their embedded application, without needing a significant up-front investment.

Integration Kit Benefits:

  • Ease of use; begin obtaining force feedback data in minutes
  • Eliminate time needed for developing circuits
  • Signal conditioning that allows the ability to adjust or modify dynamic range

FlexiForce Integration Kits

Tekscan offers these methods to help OEMs test and evaluate FlexiForce sensors for their embedded product or device. Select from the options below.

Enables quick and easy testing to help OEMs expedite their design and integration process;
getting their products and devices to market faster.

A finished single voltage source circuit which can be quickly dropped into a prototype or
easily designed into a product to obtain force measurements.

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FlexiForce Integration Guides

Minimizing the overall project time of designing and embedding technology into a product or device – from prototyping to production implementation – is critically important in all types of industries. Setting yourself for success starts with gaining a clear understanding of the embedded technology you are working with to limit risks and ensure success.

That’s why we’re pleased to introduce 3 Critical Resources to help ensure a successful integration of a FlexiForce™ force-sensitive resistor.

The "Best Practices in Mechanical Integration" guide provides key recommendations to consider during the prototyping phase of your OEM project, including:

  • Applying load concentrators to ensure even loading
  • Recommendations to minimize shear force and preserve sensor sensitivity
  • Methods for mounting the sensor, and more!

The "Best Practices in Electrical Integration" guide provides key recommendations for circuitry of your embedded design. The guide covers:

  • Circuit selection
  • Sensitivity adjustment processes
  • Calibration procedure, and more!
The "FlexiForce Integration Guide" picks up where the Best Practice guides leave off, providing total guidance throughout the integration process. This guide is the next best thing to having a Tekscan Applications Engineer at your side.

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