What is the F-Scan™ GO?

F-Scan GO is the next generation of the award winning F-Scan in-shoe gait analysis system.

The F-Scan In-Shoe system is a compact, new generation technology for clinicians and researchers that provides dynamic pressure, force and timing information for foot function and gait analysis. Information obtained from the F-Scan is used in real-world applications, like designing and testing orthotics, offloading diabetic feet and evaluating footwear and techniques in elite athletes. 

The lightweight, cord-free, wearable electronics with onboard storage lets your subject enjoy full freedom of movement while you capture their natural in-shoe gait with the highest resolution data in the market.  

  • Freedom of Movement: Cord-free wearable ultralight electronics encourages natural movement. No cables or cords, and no distance limitations allowed full freedom of movement for any advanced gait study.
  • Unique Information: The highest resolution sensors available provide accurate in-shoe measurements. Having the ability to compare peak pressures before and after orthotic intervention greatly enhances the efficacy of treatment. The F-Scan go gives you the most sensor data points at highest scan rates for the most detailed and accurate gait assessment on the market.
  • Versatile: Perfect for both the gait lab and in the field, the versatility of F-Scan GO makes it the preferred choice for use in applications that are central to Biomechanics research. It is highly portable and can be used in almost any environment, its data can be easily exported, and it synchronizes with external devices; such as EMG and Motion Capture, through external trigger input controls. 
  • Powerful Software for impactful insights: Tekscan's next generation of software – improved interface, more intuitive, and enhanced for use with a tablet. FootVIEW simplifies data collection and analysis and provides a user-friendly layout using docking regions that allows the user to easily organize information in dashboards.
  • Best in Class Sensors: F-Scan GO sensors have optimal spatial resolution for in-shoe pressure measurements, and the highest resolution sensing on the market. The wearable sensors are ultra-thin, yet durable enough to last for multiple trials.


Key F-Scan Applications

Biomechanics Research

Footwear Design

Ulcerative Identification

Insole Research and Development


Plantar Pressure Distribution Analysis for Orthotic Intervention

Orthotic Design for Back Pain, Limb Length Discrepancy, and Toe Joint Issues

Plantar Fasciitis Treatment


F-Scan's versatility makes it suitable for a variety of applications and industries


The F-Scan GO system includes:

  • FootVIEW Software 
  • (2) F-Scan GO TekDAQ wearable Wi-Fi data acquisition units​
  • (4) Li-polymer battery packs​
  • (2) Battery Chargers​
  • (2) 32GB formatted Micro-SD cards​
  • (2) Velcro ankle straps
  • (20) Trimmable model 3010 F-Scan GO sensors (10 pairs)
  • System carrying case

F-Scan GO hardware


The F-Scan GO works with Tekscan's next generation of software called FootVIEW. The FootVIEW software provides accurate and reliable information for foot function and gait analysis.

Key Features:

  • View force vs. time curves in real time
  • Compare pre- and post-recordings to evaluate treatments
  • Force-time integrals (Impulse)
  • Frame by frame, single, and multi-stance phase displays
  • 3-Box Gait Analysis Graphs ​
  • Peak Pressure Analysis ​
  • Patient Management Systsm
  • Import and export client movie files
  • Display Center of Force and its trajectory
  • Real-time status view over Wi-Fi
  • Support for Wi-Fi communication and control 
  • ASCII Export of pressure and graph data for analysis ​(FootVIEW PRO)
  • Optional Data Reader Toolkit library for direct integration with external software for analysis of recorded data ​(FootVIEW PRO)
  • ​Synchronizes data collection with other devices, such as EMG and Motion Capture (FootVIEW PRO)

All Tekscan software works with current Windows® based operating systems. To view the complete computer requirements click here.

FootVIEW Sofware for F-Scan GOFootVIEW Sofware for F-Scan GO

All New FootVIEW Software 

  • Easy Switch Between Viewing Playback and Stance Analysis
  • Tabbed Docking Regions Organize Graph and Pressure View Placement
  • Dedicated Gait Analysis Menu
  • Live Device Status Indicators

Save time analyzing data and writing reports with automated analysis

  • Automated 3-Box Analysis generates a comprehensive report at the push of a button.

  • Segment the foot into three key regions for a more detailed analysis: heel, metatarsals and total foot

  • Generate table of gait parameters including: step, stride, stance and swing times

View a sample 3 box graph report


​Peak Pressure Analysis identifies and quantifies peak pressure areas

  • Automatically generate report with before and after comparisons
  • Confirm the efficacy of offloading treatments
View a sample peak pressure report

​Patient Management

  • The system stores a list of patients and automatically stores pressure recordings into folders linked to each patient record. Recordings collected for each patient may be accessed and opened for analysis through the patient’s record

Are you conducting research?

The F-Scan GO with FootVIEW Pro was designed for the needs of biomechanics researchers, with features like:

  • Synchronization capability allows for integration with other equipment in the gait lab 
  • Compatible with external synchronization (Video, motion capture, force plate, EMG) and other Tekscan systems  
  • ASCII Export allows sensor data and graphs to be imported and analyzed in external software. 
  • Data Reader Toolkit library for direct integration with external software for analysis of recorded data 

All in a system with the highest sensor resolution and fastest sampling rate (500hz), and sensors a natural gait environment with the thinnest in-shoe pressure mapping sensor on the market at 0.28mm.

Accurate, Reliable, Best-in-Class Sensors

F-Scan GO sensors have optimal spatial resolution for in-shoe pressure measurements, and the highest resolution sensing on the market. The sensors are ultra-thin, yet durable enough to last for multiple trials.

Trimmable Sensors

Sensor Model: 3000ESensor Model: 3000E
Sensor Model: 3010

The standard in-shoe resistive technology sensor used for the F-Scan GO. The new E-Tab sensor is designed for less bulk and easy connection to the electronics.

Sensor Specs

"One power of the F-Scan system lies in the immediate and totally obvious visual feedback. Most cases are definitive even without referring to the staggering ability of the software to represent the data in any way you can think of. This simplicity combined with the fact that it is a foolproof means of pre- and post-testing treatment methodology makes this system invaluable to the clinician."

Larry Pace, PTA, CSCS, USA Triathlon Coach, SATORI Physical Therapy & PACE Sports Training, Orange, CA

How Does it Work?

F-Scan GO TekDAQ Wearable Wifi units have embedded Wi-Fi datalogging capability. TekDAQ units communicate directly with the PC through the included TekDAQ Wi-Fi Router.


You can watch real time pressure data captured in the software over WiFi while configuring. The FootVIEW software communicates with the devices to capture real-time data, calibrate the sensors and control recording. When you start recording, data is collected directly to Micro SD cards in the TekDAQ units at a sampling speed of up to 500 Hz. At the completion of each recording, the recording data is automatically transferred back to the PC over WiFi to provide immediate access for analysis. This allows F-Scan GO to have the fastest possible sampling speed, even when connected over WiFi.

Looking for Simplified Gait Analysis for Clinical Applications?

The F-Scan64 in-shoe system has 64 sensing elements for clinicians to quickly measure symmetry, timing, and foot function of walking subjects. It is a cord-free in-shoe system with micro-sized, Bluetooth™-enabled electronics allowing for quick, natural gait analysis.

  • Pre-sized, quick-connect sensors saves time. The setup configuration allows you to connect and get to work in three minutes or less.
  • Software essentials helps clinicians and researchers obtain a basic understanding of gait function and dynamics.

This article shares an in-depth breakdown of differences between F-Scan and F-Scan64.

F-Scan64 - Completely Cord-Free, Easy-to-use In-Shoe Gait Analysis System


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