FlexiPot™ Strip and Ring

Flexipot™ postion sensors are a solution for a wide variety of applications where you need a thin position sensor.

  • Ease of use - Tekscan's Flexipot sensors can be powered up without any external circuitry. Our 3-pin configuration allows for users to simply apply power across the outer pins, and read the output from the middle pin. No other circuit interface is required. Do I need a 3 pin or 2 pin termination?
  • Superior linearity and repeatability - Flexipot sensors produce a linear output with respect to change in position. Repeatability error below 3% provides the highest confidence in the data. 
  • Customizable - FlexiPot sensors can be tailored to fit the specific shape and needs of your application.

What Are Some Commonly-used Applications for Thin Position Sensors?

The thin, minimally-invasive nature of flexible position sensors make them an attractive option to capture and monitor position data, without adding excessive complexity to a design.

While new uses for these sensors are constantly being discovered, these are just a few broad examples flexible position sensors are being used in applications now.

Human Machine Interfaces (HMI)

Industrial / Commercial Processes

Medical Devices

  • Dials on mobile devices
  • Light dimming mechanism
  • Touch screens
  • Robotic control
  • Vehicle speed or steering control
  • Inventory management
  • Theft management
  • Controlling or adjusting the throughput of a mechanical process
  • Fluid level monitoring (e.g., fuel tank)
  • Measuring medication volume in a syringe
  • Inhaler dosage tracking
  • Depth sensing

How it works

The FlexiPot™ Strip and Ring tactile potentiometers and/or position sensors are used to identify location or position and adjust output. When a contact is applied to the sensitive surface, an electrical contact occurs between the top and bottom layer of the sensor, creating a variable voltage divider.

  • Ideal for industrial control and medical device applications
  • Flexible membrane potentiometer with an ultra-thin (0.008 in.), lightweight profile
  • Linear output, low error (±2%)
  • High-temperature options available (up to 200°C (400°F))
  • Low power requirements combined with linear output makes these position sensors ideal from both a manufacturing and user perspective
  • Available off-the-shelf from our online store, or customizable to your application's needs


How FlexiPot Works

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