Analyze tire performance and tread to optimize tire designs and benchmark against competitive products

Tire manufacturers need to understand the changes of a tire under various loads and applications to improve handling and response. This analysis tool provides insight for a better understanding of tire design and how the tire interacts with road surfaces. Analyzing a tire footprint with pressure mapping allows engineers to see how their design improves:

  • NVH (noise, vibration, and harshness)
  • Overall Performance
  • Fuel economy
  • Longevity/wear
Tire pressure mapping

Pressure Mapping Solutions for Tire Design

Tekscan tire analysis solutions capture valuable interface pressure insights to address growing market demands. Intuitive, application-specific graphing and image analysis software enables quantitative and qualitative analysis of your tire design in ways the FEA cannot.

TireScan™ Detailed Tread Analysis

capture real-time tire contact pressure patterns

TireScan CrossDrive

  • Capable of measuring almost any size tire from passenger vehicles through agricultural and aircraft tires
  • Fully integrated, ruggedized solution
  • Measures large tire footprints at a high resolution
  • 250K sensing elements over a 508 mm x 508 mm (20 in x 20 in) area
  • Designed to handle harsh environments - shear forces, deceleration, toe, and camber

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High Speed TireScan

high speed tire performance analysis system

High speed tire new

  • Capture the impact of speed, motion, and inertial forces on a tire at speeds up to 265 km/h (165 mph)
  • Array of pressure sensing elements scan at 20 kHz as the tire rolls across the system
  • Works with both flat track and drum high speed tire test systems
  • Evaluate tire performance at high speeds and identify failure modes
  • Measure tire distortion

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I-Scan™ for Tire Bead Analysis

measure bead seat / seal profile of virtually any tire-to-wheel interface

  • Acquire pressure profiles from outside the tire, past the flange and bead, to inside the tire

  • Compatible with slip ring for use while the tire is spinning

  • Long sensor designs available to capture inboard & outboard pressure profiles simultaneously

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Tire footprint measurement applications include:

  • Tire footprint pressure pattern evaluation
  • Analyze various tire compounds and tread designs
  • Assess suspension and camber
  • Sipe and tread block design and testing
  • Road surface predictive wear studies
  • Tire mold adjustment
  • Race vehicle "set-up"
  • Manufacturing quality assurance
  • Competitive benchmarking

Detailed Tire Tread Analysis Software

TireScan™ software provides the tools for a more comprehensive and higher quality analysis. The software displays the pressure distribution data in multiple formats. The user has the option to create and customize reports from the corresponding tire data and export as a CSV or Word file. 

  • Real time display of pressure distribution
  • Multiple graph options
  • Create custom formulas based off the standard values of the tire
  • Tire objects allows the user to fine tune the characteristics of the tire being tested (area, contact ratio, centerlines, rib lines, etc.)
  • Publish custom reports in Word or CSV format
Detailed tire tread analysis softwareDetailed tire tread analysis software Sample reportSample report

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