Tekscan offers standard and customized solutions built on our foot mapping technology that help you drive success in your retail outlets. Learn more about how foot mapping can help you:

  • Increase leads and contacts
  • Capture customer information for marketing campaigns & cultivating relationships
  • Increase orthotic sales
  • Provide an engaging & interactive customer experience
  • Distinguish your retail outlet from the competition

Tekscan's Digital Footprint Analyzer for Retail

Using our digital footprint technology, Tekscan offers a standard product to engage and educate customers in a retail footwear setting about their foot.  

Tekscan's Presto-Scan™ is a unique way to differentiate through customer engagement and education. The Presto-Scan system has the ability to measure foot pressure distribution while walking or standing. 

  • Gather objective insights to recommend or build custom orthotics tailored to address the specific pathologies of clients. 
  • The system is independent of footwear or insole manufacturers/distributors, allowing you to stock and sell any product and guide your recommendations accordingly.
  • The simple user interface at an affordable price helps you focus on serving your customers. 

Are you looking for a foot mapping system that matches your brand identity?

Let Tekscan help you create a custom foot assessment system to meet your business needs.

We have experience working with all types of companies from large retail chains to footwear manufacturers. No project is too large or small! Tekscan has both software and hardware engineers available to help create the perfect foot mapping system to achieve your business goals.

Build Your Own

Create your own custom solution using Tekscan technology

Develop a Custom Solution Yourself with our Software Development Kit!

With our Software Development Kit, you have the ability to write your own program to extract data collected from our pressure measurement systems. The SDK includes an Application Programming Interface (API), Dynamic Link Libraries (DLL) and sample code examples. 

Build your own application using the API tools in the SDK to display in real time foot contact pressure and area data from one of Tekscan’s pressure sensing mats.

A Partner You Can Trust

The Custom Fit Orthotics kiosk that Dr. Scholl's and Tekscan worked together to develop.The Custom Fit Orthotics kiosk that Dr. Scholl's and Tekscan worked together to develop.Tekscan and Dr. Scholl's®  worked together to develop a solution for providing a compelling and meaningful customer experience that helps consumers select an appropriate orthotic for their needs, while at the same time educating consumers about their feet. Click here to learn more about this collaboration.

Not sure which retail solution is right for you?

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