How Do I Set Up My T-Scan Novus Handpiece

In this video, Shane Varga, Regional T-Scan Sales Manager for Tekscan, shares fundamental instructions for setting up your T-Scan Novus handpiece, including:

  • How to connect the sensor support
  • How to know your T-Scan sensor is connected correctly to the T-Scan handpiece


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Is Tekscan software Windows 11 compatible?

Yes, all Tekscan software including T-Scan Dental has been tested and is fully compatible with Windows 11. 

Here are the full system requirements.


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Can I use the F-Scan64 system with pediatric patients?

It’s possible that an older child could fit into the smallest sensor size, which is a US Women’s 5.5 – 6.5, therefore allowing use with some pediatric patients. For those pediatric patients with smaller feet, we recommend the F-Scan system as the sensor can be trimmed down to the smallest size of Girls Size 2 (US).   

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What maintenance do I need to perform on the F-Scan64?

Sensors should always be disinfected with a 70% Isopropyl Alcohol solution after each use. To do this, slightly dampen a cloth with the alcohol solution, careful not to soak or saturate the cloth. Then wipe the sensor. 

Sensors should always be stored flat in either the system box or some other protective cover. Improper storage can adversely affect sensor life. 

Sensor Replacement/Disposal: Always dispose of sensors in accordance with Regional guidelines pertaining to medical biohazardous waste. 

A sensor can be reused either with different subjects after cleaning (requiring the same size sensor) or during a series of tests with the same subject. Sensor life is reduced if the sensor gets wrinkled or folded during use. 

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How is the F-Scan64 system different from the F-Scan System?

The main difference between the F-Scan64 and F-Scan systems lies in the micro-sized electronics.  The F-Scan64 electronics allows for a completely cord-free Bluetooth connection system with a quick setup time of three minutes or less. Also, users do not need to trim sensors.  The number “64” refers to the number of sensing elements in the sensor regardless of the sensor size.  

The F-Scan system offers trimmable sensors with up to 964 sensing elements (at full size) and can scan at rates up to 750 Hz. The sensors are also available with extended tabs for footwear with a longer shaft (like ski boots), sports sensors with a slightly thicker coating for more dynamic activities and XL sensor sizes (up to 24 Men’s USA). The F-Scan systems uses advanced gait analysis software with optional Research software for more detailed analysis.  Three connection options are available depending on your needs, including WiFi, Datalogger, and Tethered.   

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What are the key differentiating factors of the F-Scan64 system versus the competition?

The F-Scan64 system offers comparable scanning rates to other similar in-shoe systems, but with thinner sensors, meaning there is less interference with natural gait.  Additionally, with 64 sensing points in all sensor sizes, it gives detailed insights in function and areas of high pressure that other systems with a lower resolution cannot offer.   

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Can I use F-Scan64 for jump tests?

Yes, the F-Scan64 system can be used for jumping. While higher scanning rates are often recommended to capture the complete movements during jumping, it will depend on what type of information you are looking to analyze.  The F-Scan64 system provides insights into bilateral asymmetries in jumping, which is helpful for sports performance analysis.   

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What happens if I go out of Bluetooth range during data collection?

The Bluetooth™ data transfer has a range of 10 m (30 ft.). If the F-Scan64 subject goes beyond the 10m Bluetooth range, there is a buffer of 16,000 frames (for example: @50Hz, recording buffer up to 5 minutes and 20 seconds) that will be stored on the cuffs. Once the subject is back in range, the user can select the “Transfer Recordings” button to re-connect the devices and transfer the collected recording to the PC.   

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What are the pre-sized F-Scan64 sensor sizes? Can I get custom sizes?

F-Scan64 sensors are available in six pre-sized sensors. Additional sensors are sold in a minimum order quantity of 10 (5 pairs) of any size combination. At this time, custom sizes are not available.

Tekscan Sensor # EU Size Men's US Size Women's US Size
3020 36-37 - 5.5-6.5
3022 38-39 6-7 7-8.5
3024 40-41 7.5-8.5 9-9.5
3026 42-43 9-10 10-11
3028 44-45 10.5-11.5 11-12
3030 46-47 11.5-12.5 -

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How long will F-Scan64 sensors last?

Sensor usage is dependent upon application. Typically, you can expect up to up 20 uses, assuming 20-30 steps per trial in-shoe without orthotics. 


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