Pressure Measurement Systems for R&D, Testing and Quality Assurance
Impossible insights made possible through minimally invasive force & pressure measurement.
Embedded Sensing
Innovative products made possible through minimally invasive force & pressure measurement.
Medical Pressure Mapping Systems for Patient Care, Medical Research, and Animal Studies
Transforming clinical and research evaluations through pressure measurement systems.
Bite Force Measurement with T-Scan
Raising the bar in dental care by revealing occlusal dynamics.


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Let Tekscan help get you the information you are seeking. Gain an in-depth view of our pressure mapping systems or explore the possibility of embedding a FlexiForce sensor into a commercial product. Get your application related questions answered, and more. 

Tekscan's patented tactile force measurement and pressure mapping solutions provide you with actionable information to optimize your product designs or improve clinical and research outcomes. Our sensors and systems are used in a wide range of applications either as a stand-alone solution or as an embedded technology.  Simply put, we help you create better, differentiated products and services.

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Secrets to a Stable Sensor Supply

Charlie Malacaria, Tekscan's Interim President, shares the right questions to ask to help mediate direct & indirect costs, and gauge the reliability of your embedded components supplier. 

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