As the leader in thin-film interface pressure mapping and force sensing technology, Tekscan has grown an extensive portfolio of sensors for a nearly limitless variety of needs and applications in force and pressure measurement. Learn more about our sensor technology.

Our catalog includes sensors for immediate purchase such as force sensors, position sensors, dental sensors, and pressure indicating film. We also offer pressure mapping sensors for industrial or biomechanics applications for exclusive use with our industry-leading pressure mapping systems. Customization options are also available.

Off-the-shelf Sensors

Tekscan's off-the-shelf sensors are available for immediate purchase in our webstore.

FlexiForce Force Sensors

FlexiForce Force Sensors

Our range of standard force sensors is available in 4-packs, 8-packs, or in high volumes. Learn more about Flexiforce sensors for embedded and turnkey force measurement. We also offer a FlexiForce Development Kit for immediate force measurement data.

FlexiPot Position Sensors

FlexiPot Position Sensors

Measure position between any two surfaces with our ultra-thin, lightweight position sensors.

T-Scan Dental Sensors

T-Scan Dental Sensors

Buy T-Scan sensors for your T-Scan digital occlusal analysis system, including Novus and Novus Core handles.

Matrix Pressure Mapping Sensors

A wide range of 250+ standard sensors are available for use exclusively with Tekscan pressure mapping systems.

Pressure Mapping Sensors

Pressure Mapping Sensors for Test & Measurement

Over 200 different pressure mapping sensors are available for your test & measurement or embedded sensor application. View our full pressure sensor table.

Pressure Mapping Sensors for Biomechanics Applications

Pressure Sensors for Biomechanics Applications

Our sensors for biomechanics are used by clinicians, hospitals and universities around the world to gather accurate, reliable data and improve patient care. Choose from over 50 standard shapes and sizes.

Prescale Film

Pressure Indicating Film

We also carry the full range of single-use FujiFilm Prescale films from 4LW (Extreme Low) to HHS (Super High).

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Need a Custom Option?

Tekscan can create custom-designed force sensors and pressure mapping sensors to meet your specific OEM or integration needs.  Learn more about our custom force sensor capabilities here or contact us and we'll be happy to help!

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