Support Contracts

Tekscan provides several long-term customer support packages, including technical and application support and extended hardware warranties.  For more information on one of the support packages listed below, please contact your Tekscan representative or the Customer Support department.

Software Maintenance/Tech Support Contract


  • Technical support, via our toll-free number and email, for Tekscan software for one year. Call as often as you like to get your questions answered without paying extra. Tekscan, Inc. provides technical support between the hours of 8:00 AM and 7:00 PM (EST) Monday through Friday. Customer Support is closed on most U.S. Federal holidays as well as the day after Thanksgiving.
  • All Tekscan major upgrades are covered for one year. Automatically, you will receive all upgrades to the Tekscan software, as they become available. While Tekscan, Inc. fully intends to provide at least one major software upgrade and periodic enhancements each year, the timing of these releases cannot be guaranteed due to circumstances inherent to software development and the complexity of the various enhancements.
  • Email notification of new updates for software and drivers, new maps and products. New software revisions are available via download on this Internet site.

This plan covers software support of the Tekscan system only. Third-party programs or equipment (i.e. computers, operating systems, other application programs and hardware) are not covered by this plan. Users must have a Windows version of Tekscan software when this service contract is purchased.  This plan does not cover the cost of any upgrades to your hardware that may be required for software upgrades. This plan does not cover shipping or on-site service.

Premier Support Plan

Includes all of the benefits of the Software Maintenance/Tech Support Plan, PLUS:

  • Purchase of the plan extends the warranty on your Tekscan hardware for one additional year.
  • Includes labor and parts for repairs in accordance with the original warranty.
  • When there is a lapse in warranty, the customer sends the electronics to Tekscan for inspection and repair before the maintenance contract begins. The customer is responsible for any costs to repair, in order to bring it back to normal operative condition.
  • Free loaners shipped for hardware that needs to be repaired or replaced.
  • Free Tekscan hardware upgrades when software upgrades require it.
  • 10% discount on Tekscan-run seminars and training courses.
  • 10% off Application Engineering Services (excluding travel and living expenses).

If the plan is purchased with a new system, a second year of Hardware Warranty beyond the standard one-year of Hardware Warranty and 2 years of Software Maintenance will be provided. When not purchased with the system, or for annual renewals, this plan covers a period of one year only