Simplify Animal Gait Analysis with Strideway™

Quickly and easily get all the data you need to accurately assess gait of animals, lameness and evaluate treatments with Strideway. Pressure data can provide incredible insights into factors affecting animal gait, which might otherwise go unnoticed.

Animal Gait Analysis System

  • Modular platform captures multiple paw strikes in a single pass
  • Observe and quantify lameness in cats and dogs
  • Automatically detect paw strikes with labels for left or right and number stances from first to last
  • Evaluate pressure and force per limb
  • Symmetry score between limbs
  • Provides key gait cycle parameters: cadence, velocity, distance
  • Low profile platform reduces risk of tripping
  • Quick set-up and data collection process
Table provides quick insights into symmetry between limbs. Notice significant difference in maximum forces highlighted in red.Table provides quick insights into symmetry between limbs. Notice significant difference in maximum forces highlighted in red.

Objective Gait Assessments with Strideway

The Strideway™ provides objective information to research and identify problem areas and asymmetries.  Treat, assess and monitor treatment effectiveness for dogs and cats.

Strideway is Used by Veterinarians and Researchers to:

  • Quickly identify lameness in limbs with symmetry scores
  • Get insight into pressure profile discrepancies between front and hind or left and right paws
  • Evaluate pre-and post-intervention changes
  • Monitor improvements in strength and weight-bearing 
  • Document mobility issues

How Does Strideway Compare with Force Plates for Animal Gait Analysis?

Zoe Self Davies (BSc. (Hons), PhD, PGCHE, FHEA) shares her pros and cons for either technology. Click the video player below. 

View our bibliography to see the broad depth of applications for the animal gait analysis.



Strideway™ is a modular gait analysis system available in lengths from 1-5 meters long. This system includes the embedded scanning electronics, software and patented thin-film sensors. With simply two cords, one power cord and one USB cord per system, set up is streamlined and efficient.

The system comes with 2 end caps to ensure the animals reach their comfortable gait prior to capturing the data. This eliminates the need to discard steps or clean up the data in post data collection analysis.


* Components depend on system configuration. Additional items may be included with your system purchase.

Strideway is modular up to 5m. A 4 tile system is shown here.Strideway is modular up to 5m. A 4 tile system is shown here.

Versatile Configurations for Unique Applications

Talk to us about your specific application. We've had experience with many different types of animals on our gait analysis systems, we'll help you find the right solution for your application.  

Monkey shown on Strideway inside a custom case which was build by customer.Monkey shown on Strideway inside a custom case which was build by customer.


System Resolution & Sensor Selection

Strideway systems cannot be used for animals with hooves. If you are looking to analyze animals with hooves, see our Hoof System for more information.

The ideal configuration for larger animals

The ideal configuration for larger animals

  • Subject Minimum Weight: 11.34 kg (25 lbs)
  • System Model: SRSW2 - SRSW8
  • Sensor Model: 3160
  • Resolution: 0.968 sensels/cm(6.25 sensels/in2)
  • # of Sensing Elements per Tile: 4,096
The ideal configuration for smaller animals

The ideal configuration for smaller animals

  • Subject Minimum Weight: 4.53 kg (10 lbs)
  • System Model:  HRSW2 - HRSW8
  • Sensor Model: 3164
  • Resolution: 3.88 sensels/cm(25.00 sensels/in2)
  • # of Sensing Elements per Tile: 16,256

System Dimensions

The Strideway is available in a number of standard lengths.


Active Sensing Area

Overall Dimensions
with End Tiles

Strideway 2

0.65 x 1.3 m
2.1 x 4.3 ft

0.91 x 2.60 m
3.0 x 8.5 ft

Strideway 3

0.65 x 1.95 m
2.1 x 6.4 ft

0.91 x 3.25 m
3.0 x 10.7 ft

Strideway 4

0.65 x 2.60 m
2.1 x 8.5 ft

0.91 x 3.90 m
3.0 x 12.8 ft

Strideway 5

0.65 x 3.25 m
2.1 x 10.7 ft

0.91 x 4.55 m
3.0 x 14.9 ft

Strideway 6

0.65 x 3.90 m
2.1 x 12.8 ft

0.91 x 5.20 m
3.0 x 17.1 ft

Strideway 7

0.65 x 4.55 m
2.1 x 14.9 ft

0.91 x 5.85 m
3.0 x 19.2 ft

Strideway 8

0.65 x 5.20 m
2.1 x 17.1 ft

0.91 x 6.50 m
3.0 x 21.3 ft

Don't see the size you need? Contact us to discuss.


Simplified Data for Gait Analysis

Actionable gait information is displayed in a variety of ways including graphs, pressure profiles, tables or charts to allow for rapid identification of asymmetries, lameness or treatment effectiveness.

  • Accurate spatial, temporal and kinetic parameters
  • Plantar pressure measurements and force data
  • Display of averaged peak pressure profile for multiple selected paw strikes
  • Automatic stance and paw strike detection
  • Side-by-side comparisons of pre- and post-treatment conditions

Automatic Calculation of Gait Parameters

  • Tables provide step, stance and timing insights for each paw and differences between limbs
  • Symmetry Table: Provides a symmetry score (or index) between limbs (in %)
  • Evaluate relative or absolute force and contact area for time of recording
  • Display Center of Force and its trajectoryDisplay 2D and 3D real-time and recorded data
  • Synchronize with video for a complete picture
  • Import and export client movie files

Time-Saving, Easy-to-Understand Reports Help You Get to the Core of your Research or Treatment 

Strideway systems are compatible with 64-bit operating systems only.  All Tekscan software works with current Windows® based operating systems. To view the complete computer requirements click here.

The software is available in several language including Spanish, French and German. View available software languages.


Award Winning Technology

Strideway was a recipient of a 2018 R&D 100 Technology award. Each year, the R&D 100 Awards honor the latest and best innovations, identifying the top technology products.

Read more here

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