Custom Solutions for Integration

Work with Tekscan to develop a customized solution for your application. Whether you are looking to streamline a manufacturing process or differentiate your product with pressure mapping technology - we have you covered. OEMs and product developers have successfully embedded our pressure mapping systems into their products and processes. Explore our pressure mapping solutions below:

Pressure Mapping Solutions

Embedded Pressure Mapping Solutions for Machines

Manufacturing engineers have more confidence in a machine that has a repeatable setup procedure that can create verifiable data for quality control record. Integrating pressure mapping technology into a machine's user interface results in a superior design that:

  • Provides a competitive edge in the market
  • Streamlines machine alignment operations
  • Saves the end user's time, money, and resources

Retail Foot Mapping Solutions

Embedded Pressure Mapping Solutions for Retail

Tekscan offers standard and customized solutions built on our foot mapping technology that help you drive success in your retail outlets. Learn more about how foot mapping can help you:

  • Increase leads and contacts
  • Capture customer information for marketing campaigns & cultivating relationships
  • Increase orthotic sales
  • Provide an engaging & interactive customer experience
  • Distinguish your retail outlet from the competition

Machine Alignment Insights Beyond R&D

Watch this 3-minute video to learn how to design a machine with a competitive edge.

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