The Wireless Economical Load & Force Measurement System 2 (WELF™ 2)

The WELF2 System is a user-friendly, cost-effective load measurement system. Sampling rates up to 200 Hz (high speed software samples up to 6,000 Hz). This system combines three FlexiForce™ WB201 sensors, a battery-operated WiFi transmitter (three AAA batteries are required), and Windows-compatible software*, turning your PC or laptop into a force measurement instrument.

The WiFi connection setup has access point (unsecured router) network capability. 

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System Configurations

Sampling Rates Range Max # of Handles Includes
Up to 200 Hz (Standard
WELF2 System)


Up to 6,000 Hz (High-Speed WELF2 System)

1 Transmitter - 65 meters


1+ Transmitters - 50 meters

Up to 16**

(1) Handle

  • Battery-operated WiFi transmitter (certified 802.11b radio- 802.11b/g/n compatible)

(3) WB201 Sensors (view specs)

  • Low 111 N (0-25 lb)
  • Medium 667 N (0-150 lb)
  • High 4,4448 N (0-1,000 lb)

ELF Software

Wireless router (unencrypted)

WB201 Sensor Specs

While the WELF2 system comes standard with WB201 sensors, you may use the WELF2 system with other standard FlexiForce sensors, including:

For more detailed information on the Wireless ELF System, including how to set it up and take force measurements, please download the ELF User Manual.

ELF User Manual

* Compatible with Windows 7, 8.1, and 10

**Please note: (1) sensor requires (1) transmitter to measure (1) point. If you need to measure additional points, you need to purchase additional transmitters and sensors. An unsecured router is also required for multi-handle use.

†These sensor models include two connector pins. You can use two-pin sensors with the WELF2 transmitter, however, you must connect the sensor to the side connection input near the on/off power switch. Refer to the ELF user manual for further details.


  • Screen capture of a multi-handle WELF2 system.Screen capture of a multi-handle WELF2 system.Real-time graphic displays in strip chart, column graph, or digital readout
  • ASCII Output to data analysis software
  • Simple and storable calibration 
  • Movie recording & saving
  • Compatible with Windows 7, 8.1, and 10
  • Capability to tare a load
  • Internal load triggering

Adjust the Sensitivity of the WELF2 System

The WELF2 system's patented electronics allows you to optimize the performance of the WELF2 system over a selected force/load range. The electronics adjust the device sensitivity to best fit the dynamic range of the specific application. This allows you to "fine tune" FlexiForce sensors for optimal performance. 

Additional Documentation

download the user manual


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