What is the F-Scan64 System?

F-Scan64 is a cord-free in-shoe system with micro-sized electronics for natural gait analysis ideal for clinical researchers. Quickly set up the system and be ready to collect data in three minutes or less.  Get insights into essential gait parameters like pressure and force data, gait timing and Center of Force (CoF) data to immediately identify asymmetries. It is part of the F-Scan family of in-shoe pressure mapping systems.

F-Scan64 Benefits: Quick Access to Fundamental In-shoe Gait Insights

  • Effortless Set Up: System set-up is 3 minutes or less
  • Data the Way You Want It: Get access to raw data for research calculations and clinical reports for patient education
  • Freedom of Movement: Compact system allows for natural gait collection
  • Versatile Applications: With scan rates up 100 Hz capture data for a variety of dynamic gait activities
  • Objectively Track Progress: Easily compare pre- and post-intervention to monitor outcomes


Key Applications for F-Scan64

General Gait Analysis Dynamic Activities
(squats, lunges, etc.)
Orthotics Rehabilitation Sports Biomechanics


See the F-Scan64 in Action!

View our bibliography to see the broad depth of applications for Tekscan Technology.


F-Scan64 Components

The F-Scan64 system consists of scanning electronics, Bluetooth™ USB dongle, software and patented thin-film sensors.

FScan64 components

Reliable In-Shoe Sensors

The F-Scan64 system uses thin, presized sensors built on Tekscan’s accurate sensing technology. See below for sensor sizing information. 

Tekscan Sensor # EU Size Men's US Size Women's US Size
3020 36-37 - 5.5-6.5
3022 38-39 6-7 7-8.5
3024 40-41 7.5-8.5 9-9.5
3026 42-43 9-10 10-11
3028 44-45 10.5-11.5 11-12
3030 46-47 11.5-12.5 -

The durable sensors will last for multiple trials. Actual usage will vary based on application of the sensors.  

Software: Essential Gait Parameters

F-Scan64 combines Tekscan’s fastest in-shoe system set-up time with visual analysis software equipped with essential gait parameters and reporting features. F-Scan64 helps clinicians and research obtain a basic understanding of gait function and dynamics.

  • Pressure and force data
  • Center of Force 

  • Timing Parameters

    •  Cadence

    • Step time

    • Stride time

    • Stance time

    • Swing time



  • 3-Box and Peak Pressure Reports
  • Segment the foot for deeper analysis
  • Isolate areas of highest pressure
  •  Side-by-side comparison for pre- and post-recordings

  • Patient database

  • ASCII data output



F-Scan64 software requires Windows® 10. The software is available in several languages including Spanish, French and German. View available software languages.


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Looking for Our Most Comprehensive Gait Analysis System for Advanced Research?

The F-Scan™ GO in-shoe pressure mapping system offers the complete package of high-resolution in-shoe sensing, along with faster scanning rates. Additional features include:

  • Highest resolution (3.9 sensing points per cm2) and fastest scanning rates (500 Hz)
  • A wider range of sensor sizes, with the ability to trim to your subject or patient's specific shoe size
  • Options to capture data over longer distances, including outdoors
  • Ability to sychronize with external systems like motion capture, force plates or EMG.
  • Next generation software suites with advanced analysis and data-capture features, and more!

This article shares an in-depth breakdown of differences between F-Scan GO and F-Scan64.


F-Scan - Tekscan's most comprehensive in-shoe gait analysis system