What is Dental Occlusion, and How do Dentists Measure it?

T-Scan™ Novus™ is dentistry's only clinically recognized and research validated digital occlusion analysis system.

T-Scan Novus is the complete digital occlusal analysis solution helps clinicians to identify premature contacts, high forces, and interrelationship of occlusal surfaces. This important data cannot be captured by traditional, analog occlusal methods, like articulating paper.

Whether eliminating destructive forces on a new restoration, or performing an occlusal analysis and adjustment procedure, T-Scan Novus helps you balance your patients’ occlusions and reduce costly repeat visits and remakes.

Rapid advancements in technology are shaping the face of digital dentistry. By incorporating another valuable piece of digital technology into your practice, clinicians will enhance patient education and provide a more confident, proactive approach to patient care.

See T-Scan in Action!

T-Scan Novus Features & Benefits

Save time and money by reducing repeat visits


Objective data enables more effective treatments and results


Integrate with digital impressions and biometric data

Easy to understand, visual data increases patient acceptance

Speed up your workflow by going digital, and never leave your patient

Broaden your treatment capabilities and grow your patient base

What Other Dentists are Saying about T-Scan

Ensure Implants Are Not Loading Too Early
Protect Crowns, Bridges, and Veneers from High Forces
Equilibrate Occlusion for Full-Mouth Restoration
Make an Instant Influence on New Patients
Monitor Occlusion Throughout Orthodontic Treatment
Effectively Balance Splints and Orthotics
Identify TMD Issues More Effectively
Reduce Instances of Denture Rocking

What does it cost to redo an implant that failed due to occlusal loading?
Anywhere from $5K-7K USD. T-Scan can prevent that loss from happening.


When we first got into chairside milling, we had a 17% remake rate – crowns were breaking. Since instituting T-Scan on all crowns
as a standard procedure, we have gone from 17%-to-2% remake.

Dr. Richard Beckermeyer, DDS, PC

Full mouth reconstruction assistance and litigation deflection was my original reason for purchasing T-Scan.
Not many dentists like doing full-mouth equilibration, but with T-Scan, it’s easy.

Dr. Robert Berry, DDS

We use T-Scan on all our new patients and talk to them about their function, and how that’s an essential part of their health.

Dr. Lincoln Parker, DMD

T-Scan digital occlusal analysis is of paramount importance to gain objective, visual, diagnostic data
for post-orthodontic case finishing and improved treatment outcomes.

Dr. Sarah Qadeer, BDS, MSD

With T-Scan, I’m doing fewer night guards (at a cost of $128 to lab) – I accomplish the same outcome just by equilibrating.
I charge $500, and I get the full $500.

Dr. Robert Berry, DDS

T-Scan has opened up an entirely new market for me, allowing me to create my own protocol for treating TMD patients who have tried everything else. I have made a name for myself and my protocol. Chiropractors refer their patients to me.
T-Scan has given me a reputation in the dental community in my area so that neighboring dentists know that I have the special technology and if they have a problem with a patient, they refer them to me.

Dr. Mads Bundgaard

I’ve had several denture patients come back and use T-Scan after using paper, and without exception
they will all tell me that their occlusion feels better and the dentures are more stable.


Dr. Don Mettens, DDS