What is a Pressure Mapping System?

Pressure mapping is a unique test & measurement technology and prime example of a wide-reaching R&D tool. Top tier companies have successfully used our systems to help solve application challenges, improve product design, and more.

  • Analysis tool that maps interface pressure and provides insight for a better understanding of surface behavior
    • Provides key metrics including total force, peak pressures, and center of force
    • Clear visual representation of pressure distribution
    • Multiple graph options to plot data
    • Access real time or recorded data
  • Components include: sensors, data acquisition electronics, and software
    • Over 200 standard sensors with different shapes, sizes, resolution, and pressure ranges; custom sensors available
    • High speed and wireless capabilities
The I-Scan Pressure Mapping SystemThe I-Scan Pressure Mapping System

Our Pressure Mapping Systems

General Purpose Pressure Mapping Tool

Measure and analyze interface pressure between nearly any two surfaces for many applications including energy storage and semiconductors to name a few.

Tire Footprint Pressure Mapping Tool

Improve tire designs, inside & out, with systems to analyze static or dynamic tire footprints, as well as tire bead seat & seal.

Body Pressure Mapping Tool

Optimize designs for bedding, cushioning, positioning, and seating.

Nip Pressure Measurement Tool

Verify nip roll uniformity and eliminate machine set-up guesswork.

Grip Pressure Measurement

Quantify forces applied by the human hand while grasping objects.

Wiper Pressure Mapping

Evaluate wiper blade force profiles and interface pressure distribution.

Core Technology of a Pressure Mapping System


Matrix Sensor

  • Minimally invasive high resolution sensor that is thin and flexible

  • Over 200 standard sensors with different shapes, sizes, resolutions and pressure ranges

  • Customizable to unique form factors and pressure ranges to meet specific applications


Evolution Handle

  • Scan thousands of sensing points within each sensor

  • Data is instantly relayed to the software on your PC via a USB cable

  • High speed and wireless options available


  • Software displays the pressure distribution data, in multiple formats, for superior analysis

  • Real-time display of pressure sensor data in 2D & 3D

  • Display peak pressures and center of force

Pressure Mapping - A Design Engineer's Magnifying Glass

Watch this five-part video series covering Pressure Mapping Technology's several uses to help enhance R&D processes:

Common uses for Pressure Mapping in R&D

  • Evaluating component press fits and seals
  • Evaluating product performance
  • Machine design and setup precision
  • Comfort and ergonomic assessment
  • High-speed impact testing

How Pressure Mapping Compares to Other Technologies

Load cells

Load Cells

  • Accurately measures force load on a single sensing point

    • Multiple load cells are required to measure a pressure array

  • Tend to be bulky, thus making them difficult to position in a manner desired for collecting relevant data

Pressure Mapping Technology

Pressure Mapping Technology

  • Sensors are minimally-invasive, making it a viable testing solution for examining pressure between nearly any two mating surfaces

    • Captures the entire range of pressure occurring over the entire test

  • Software recording & analysis features allow the user to analyze real-time data, an export into user-friendly file formats

  • Systems can be calibrated to a known force for more precise data collection

Pressure Indicating Film

Pressure Indicating Film

  • An affordable single-use method to capture the moment of peak pressure during a testing process
    • However, it does not provide evidence of when that peak moment occurred in the testing process
  • Only displays a degree of pressure in a single test (cannot be calibrated)

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