Product Training

Tekscan offers numerous training opportunities to maximize the use of your system.

Request a training session with one of our experienced trainers or browse from among our options below.

Training by Product

T-Scan Training


Learn about some of the amazing things you can do with T-Scan™.

Sports AT Training Video

SportsAT™ Software

Learn how SportsAT™ Software can help you help others.

General Training Resources

Training Videos

Our team has created videos for you to watch on demand to learn about specific features.

Product Training

Product Training

Every customer who has purchased a Tekscan system is entitled to product training. We offer web-based training and on-site training from product specialists. The type of training is dependent on your system purchased.

Request a training session with one of our trainers.

Classroom Training

Classroom Training

There are multiple opportunities for face to face classroom learning throughout the year for Dental and Medical customers.