ASCII Available: Get Access to Raw Gait Analysis Data with Strideway

Gait analysis researchers are a data-driven breed. Your gait analysis depends on total clarity of your data capture, right down to the finest detail.

With the Strideway™ modular gait analysis system, you’re never at the mercy of how your system averages or interprets your data; with the ability to save to an ASCII file format, you take total control.

How Does Strideway Save to an ASCII Format?

The entire sensing area of a Strideway system is essentially a massive spreadsheet. Each of the thousand sensing points represents a single cell on that particular spreadsheet.

After calibration, each sensing point of the Strideway is recording a pressure output correlated to your calibrated acquisition parameters with each step the subject takes. After data capture is completed, the user has the ability to save all frames of the data capture in an ASCII file format, turning that metaphorical spreadsheet into a real file!

In this short video, Marshall Kendall, Ph.D., shares this ASCII exporting process within the Strideway software.



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