Data to Complete Your Gait Analysis

Learn more about how to capture complete gait cycle insights in nearly any environment.

If you've heard about pressure measurement technology but never fully understood why this information might be important in a gait lab, then this eBook is for you!

Unique Data to Add to Your Gait Analysis For Data Collection Anywhere

Capturing something as complex as human gait or movement is difficult and requires several pieces of equipment. The equipment in your gait lab may vary depending on your area of focus for research, whether you are treating patients clinically, and the amount of funding available. But pressure measurement technology is an affordable and portable solution that can bring unique gait data to your lab. 

Researchers around the world select pressure mapping systems to conduct research for a variety reasons including:

  • Synchronization with External Systems
  • Freedom with Data Collection 
  • Unique In-Shoe Data
  • Thin, Flexible Sensors
  • Foot Segmentation Capabilities

Data Collection in Versatile, Real-life Environments

This eBook highlights several research examples where data collection with a traditional force plate might have presented some challenges. See how gait data was collected of passengers in a moving bus or forces were evaluated under the foot while performing rowing exercises in the research examples highlighted within the eBook.  With a portable and versatile system, it's possible to collect data outside the lab, so your research can evaluate real-life conditions because life is not lived within a lab.  

Limitless In-Shoe Insights for Foot Function & Gait Analysis

The video below highlights the versatility of Tekscan's F-Scan system, one of our gait analysis solutions, featured in the eBook. See for yourself how this technology can provide unique insights for your research.  



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