strideway for footwear designers
Case Study

An Evaluation of Center of Force Trajectories for Different High-Heeled Shoe Designs Using the Strideway System

See how footwear design can impact biomechanics.

With the ability to track center of force (CoF), Strideway was used to provide isnightful parameters to evaluate the effects of footwear. 

footwear case studyFootwear designers of high-heeled shoes are faced with the challenge of maintaining a balance between fashion and function. Several studies have investigated the effects of high-heeled shoes on human gait, especially concerning stability, step length, and stride length. 

In this study – conducted by Tekscan applications engineers – the researchers sought to measure how different high-heeled shoe lengths would affect a subject’s center of force trajectory (CoFT). A Strideway™ system was used to measure and record the subject’s gait pattern.

While in-shoe gait analysis systems are often used in footwear assessment, this unique case provided insightful parameters to evaluate the effects of footwear.


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