Using Center of Force to Calculate Center of Pressure using the Tekscan Strideway

Along with visual observation, biomechanics researchers employ technologies to measure vertical ground reaction force in order to quantify Center of Pressure (CoP), which helps provide a more complete story about a subject or patient’s condition. When analyzing an athlete who has suffered a sports-related concussion, these details can explain a lot about whether the individual is ready to return to play.

In this lerEXPO presentation, Nicholas Murray (PhD, CIC, Director for the Neuromechanics Laboratory at the University Of Nevada, Reno) explains how to analyze Tekscan Strideway data for overlapping footprints, specifically for use of tandem gait analysis following sport-related concussion. This presentation also shares recent evidence examining how to extrapolate the data and how it may be used to inform clinical outcomes following injury.

Here is the full webinar

About Nicholas Murray

Dr. Nicholas Murray, PhD, CIC is the director for the Neuromechanics Laboratory at the University Of Nevada, Reno. He specializes in sport-related concussion and other neurological disorders with an emphasis in postural and oculomotor control. Dr. Murray’s research is funded by federal and private agencies which allow for unique clinic/research model to serve the community in Washoe County and surrounding areas.


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