What Kinematic Data Does the Strideway Gait Analysis System Provide?

We talk a lot about the difference that data can make in clinical applications. In the medical and athletic training fields, so much of the work relies on your experience, testing different treatments, and monitoring the results. For gait analysis, even experienced professionals can determine only so much from observational techniques. Tekscan's Strideway™ adds a new dimension to your practice by providing objective, repeatable, kinematic data that can enhance your evaluations with quantitative measurements.


Kinematics is essentially the science of motion. It includes measurements around the positions, angles, speed, and acceleration of parts and joints in human movement. These are key elements of gait analysis known as temporal and spatial parameters. 

Temporal/Spatial Parameters

Temporal: Spatial:
Stance time Stride length
Swing time Step length
Step time Step width
Stride time Foot angle
Cadence (steps/minute)
Gait speed

Why is kinematic data important?

Kinematics cannot be accurately obtained visually. Strideway is a unique modular product that can help you measure and evaluate spatial/temporal and force/time data, which is important in gait analysis to identify asymmetries and their causes.

For the purpose of gait analysis, kinematics can help you accurately establish baselines, determine treatment plans, and monitor progress. Strideway enables the collection, storage, and analysis of this data, leading to more accurate and comprehensive evaluations of your patients/athletes. What this ultimately means is that you are using data to correct gait issues and return your patients/athletes to the field of play with pain-free function.

For a deeper dive into the methods of gait analysis and the valuable data that Strideway can provide, check out our free webinar: Introduction to Gait Analysis.

In this webinar, Marshall Kendall, PhD will review:

  • What are the benefits of objective and quantifiable gait analysis data?
  • What information does technology provide that observational analysis cannot?
  • What are the key parameters to evaluating gait?
  • What types of gait analysis solutions does Tekscan offer?

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