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Enhance product design, manufacturing, quality, and research in the Automotive industry with our pressure mapping systems.

Enhance Automotive Product Design with Pressure Mapping

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Tekscan's tactile pressure and force systems measure the interface pressures between two mating surfaces, and are used throughout the automotive industry to assist engineers with test and measurement, research and development, and quality control applications.

Pressure distribution between a brake pad and rotorPressure distribution between a brake pad and rotor

Tekscan's patented sensor technology can assist with automotive seat comfort studies, measuring brake pad pressure distribution, tire tread patterns, wiper blade force profiles, and much more.

  • Map interface pressure
    • Provides key information including total force, peak pressures, and center of force
  • A better understanding of surface behavior
    • Design validation - verify structural integrity of lighter, fuel efficient, cost saving components
  • Application specific automotive pressure sensors and software analysis tools:
    • Tire, wiper, door seal, impact, engine gasket, brake, seat, and ergonomics
  • Research & design, quality control, and manufacturing tool
    • Improve yields
    • Identify failure modes
    • Reduce downtime
    • Assist in machine set-up
    • Vendor validation
    • FEA validation
Gasket Pressure DistributionGasket Pressure Distribution Door Seal Pressure DistributionDoor Seal Pressure Distribution Fuel Cell Pressure DistributionFuel Cell Pressure Distribution Grip Steering Wheel Ergonomic AssessmentGrip Steering Wheel Ergonomic Assessment

General Purpose System

Application-Specific Systems