Measure Interface Pressure

Our general purpose pressure mapping system measures interface pressure between two surfaces, utilizing a thin and flexible sensor. With many options for sensors and data acquisition electronics, the system is a modular toolkit for a variety of pressure mapping applications.

2D pressure output with Force vs Time graph2D pressure output with Force vs Time graph

  • Map interface pressure
    • Clear visual representation of pressure distribution
    • Access real time or recorded data
  • Analysis tools provide insights for a better understanding of surface behavior
    • Provides key metrics including total force, peak pressures, and center of force
    • Multiple graph options to plot data
  • Versatile research toolkit (configurable sensors, electronics, software)
    • Over 200 standard sensors with different shapes, sizes, resolution, and pressure ranges
    • High speed and wireless capabilities
    • Software is modular and can interface with 3rd party analysis tools ​

Check out this five-part video series on how Pressure Mapping Technology can be come a Design Engineer's Magnifying Glass:

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Pressure Mapping Applications

Have a unique application that calls for a unique sensor? Check out this short video on our Pressure Mapping Sensor Customization Process


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