Tire Footprint Analysis

Measuring the changes of a tire under different loads can lead to improved handling and response. Additionally, knowing the void ratio of the tire is critical for understanding the water displacement potential of the design.

  • Analysis tool provides insights for a better understanding of road surfaces
    • Noise
    • Vibration
    • Harshness
  • Dynamic measurement: roll over sensor or load straight onto sensor
  • High-resolution sensors
  • Tire contact patch analysis
  • Optimize designs
  • Competitive benchmarking

Map Tire Footprint in Static or Dynamic Applications

Static Load

Tire Footprint - Static

Dynamic Rolling

Tire Footprint - Dynamic

TireScan™ CrossDrive - Comprehensive Footprint Analysis at a Higher Resolution

The TireScan™ CrossDrive system is a fully integrated solution capable of measuring large tire footprints at a high resolution. Check out the video below to learn more about this system.

See how pressure mapping can play a role in evaluating product performance, like capturing tire footprint pressure patterns:

Products & Solutions

Tire Footprint Products

The TireScan™ system is a unique tool used to capture tire footprint pressure patterns. Tire footprints can be captured statically or dynamically and are displayed as high resolution, multi-colored images of the tire contact pressure pattern in real time. The system's intuitive, application specific graphing and image analysis software enables quantitative and qualitative analysis of the tire footprint.

There are two platforms that can map and evaluate tire footprints:

TireScan CrossDrive

TireScan CrossDrive System

TireScan CrossDrive utilizes a large high-resolution sensor, compatible with a wide range of tire sizes. The integrated electronics in the rugged housing make for a durable system that can be quickly set up and transported.

CrossDrive System TCR8540 measures all tire types from passenger tires to aircraft.

Learn More about TireScan CrossDrive

TireScan VersaTek™

TireScan VersaTek

TireScan VersaTek™ is a family of systems that utilize common base plates and rugged electronics. Sensors are available in different sizes and resolutions for various tire footprints.

VersaTek Systems TVR8404, TVR8406 and TVR8404 measure tires for passenger vehicles, buses and small trucks while systems TVR7202Q, TVR7105Q, TVR 7202, TVR7105, and TVR8001 measure tires for agricultural vehicles, OTR, aircraft, trucks, and buses.

Learn More about TireScan VersaTek

High Speed Tire Performance Analysis

The High Speed TireScan system captures the impact of speed, motion, and inertial forces on a tire at speeds up to 265 km/h (165 mph). The robust array of pressure sensing elements scan at 20 kHz as the tire rolls across the system. This system allows engineers to evaluate tire performance at high speeds, identify failure modes, measure tire distortion from inertial force, & more!

High Speed TireScan

High Speed TireScan is sold in two configurations: tethered and datalogger. The system uses a sensor (9505 or 9506), scanning electronics, and a high speed TireScan software module. This system is best used on a rotating drum or roadway application.

Learn more about High Speed TireScan

New TireScan™ 7.7 Software

Watch this 2 minute video to learn about the new time-saving, customizable features and benefits of this new software.



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