FlexiForce Load/Force Sensors and Systems

FlexiForce™ force sensors can measure force between almost any two surfaces and are durable enough to stand up to most environments. Our sensors are available off-the-shelf for prototyping or can be customized to meet the specific needs of your product design and application requirements.

FlexiForce™ Sensors are:

  • Thin [.203 mm (0.008 in)]
  • ​Flexible
  • Lightweight
  • Customizable
  • Accurate
  • Simple to Use
  • Cost Effective

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Micrometer with FlexiForce Force SensorMicrometer with FlexiForce Force Sensor

Depending on your needs, we offer:

Embedded Sensing: Force Sensor Integration

Custom and Standard Force Sensors

Custom and Standard Force Sensors

FlexiForce standard and custom sensors provide unique force feedback and are easily integrated into products and applications.

Test & Measurement: Force Measurement

FlexiForce Force Measurement System and Sensors

Force Measurement Systems and Sensors

FlexiForce sensors and systems are used to measure, analyze, and verify products and applications.

Why Choose FlexiForce?

FlexiForce load sensors and the ELF™ systems provide a new category of low cost solutions and OEM tools for anyone who wants an economical solution to their load/force sensing needs. FlexiForce carries a variety of advantages over the competition, including:

  • Superior linearity & accuracy (±3%)
  • Expert technical guidance in custom solutions
  • Wider range of forces
  • Sensor output is not area-dependent
  • High temperature force measurements (up to 400°F) available with High-Temp model (HT201)
  • Custom sensors are 100% tested to ensure they meet agreed-upon specifications
  • We accept custom jobs with quantities as low as 1000 to as high as millions of sensors

FlexiForce sensors are a versatile, user-friendly solution for test and measurement, because they can be used with your existing electronics, such as a standard multimeter, or with an ELF system, which includes data acquisition electronics and software.