The FlexiForce™ Prototyping Kit allows engineers and designers the freedom to plug their preferred circuit module(s), easily make sensitivity adjustments, and gain confidence in how a FlexiForce sensor will behave in their prototype. The open-source nature of this kit makes for a more efficient progression to field-testing and the final embedded design.

The FlexiForce Prototyping Kit Contains:

  • (1) FlexiForce prototyping board
    • Programmable reference voltage (sensitivity adjustment)
    • Arduino nano chip
    • 9-volt battery connector
  • (3) Interchangeable analog circuit modules
    • Voltage divider, inverting op-amp, and non-inverting op-amp
  • (2) FlexiForce sensors*
  • (1) Quickstart guide
  • Open-source software
flexiforce prototyping kit unit components

Screen capture of the FlexiForce Prototyping Kit open-source software.Screen capture of the FlexiForce Prototyping Kit open-source software.

*While the kit includes two FlexiForce A201 sensors, it can be used to test any other standard FlexiForce sensor except A101. Additional sensors are sold separately. Standard sensors are available in a variety of lengths and force ranges, and can also be customized to fit your product's needs. Note, if used with the HT201 or the ESS301 sensors, the electronics should be isolated from harsh environments.



  • The small and affordable kit saves engineers and designers the effort of building circuitry and other components for their FlexiForce-embedded proof-of-concept or prototype.
  • Interchangeable analog circuit modules allows users to test the functionality of their FlexiForce sensors with ease.
  • Open-source software interface allows users to control loading, record sensor data, adjust sensitivity, and calibrate the sensor.
  • Sensitivity adjustment made programable via reference voltage. An on-board jumper easily selects the applied voltage.
  • Resistor/capacitor values easy to swap out.
  • Test FlexiForce sensors with the same methods used by Tekscan application engineers.
    • Be more confident in FlexiForce sensor performance in your proof-of-concept and prototype.
  • See instant feedback of sensor performance under different loading actuators and interfacing materials.

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Additional Documentation

Download the FlexiForce Sensor Characterization Kit Datasheet

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flexiforce prototyping kit

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