t-scan for dental implant prosthesis


Preserving Implants with Digital Occlusal Analysis

Achieve Optimal Occlusal Loading with T-Scan™

Dentists use T-Scan to ensure proper implant loadingDentists use T-Scan to ensure proper implant loading

It is concerning when a dental implant takes the brunt of the bite force. T-Scan™ allows dentists to use timing and relative force measurement data to determine when and how the pressure is being distributed per-tooth. Implant loading alerts in the new 9.0 software warn users if the implant is sustaining a large percentage of occlusal force or hitting early in the bite sequence. This means you can protect implants from damaging occlusal forces before it becomes a problem.

Implant Warning in T-Scan 9.0 SoftwareImplant Warning in T-Scan 9.0 Software

Using T-Scan in a mixed implant-natural tooth dentition prevents:

  • Ceramic fracture
  • Screw loosening
  • Cementation compromise
  • Destruction of soft tissue
  • Loss of alveolar bone

Tekscan offers dentists training opportunities and courses to learn more about clinical applications in prosthetics.

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