T-Scan and Dentures


Fitting Dentures with Digital Occlusal Analysis

T-Scan™ Helps Dentists Achieve Denture Stability, Retention, and Fit

When a patient is being fitted for dentures, analyzing occlusal forces becomes necessary for successful treatment outcomes. T-Scan™ provides dentists with digital bite force data that shows when and how teeth come into contact, which helps identify premature contacts, stability issues, and causes of sore spots. Digital occlusal analysis gives dentists an edge with a comprehensive approach to treatment.

  • Associate the patient’s "feel" with objective data
  • See occlusal timing data that shows contact points
  • Identify early interferences that may cause the dentures to rock
  • Adjust with precision
  • Eliminate sore spots
  • Reduce the need for post-op adjustments

The following is an example of a denture patient whose T-Scan movie showed premature contacts with high force:

T-Scan denture patient: Premature contacts causing denture to rock

T-Scan denture patient: Post-adjustment, bite is more balanced across dentition

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