T-Scan Initial Comprehensive Exam and Hygiene Recare Screenings

Initial Comprehensive Exam & Hygiene Recare Screenings

Identify Occlusal Issues During Initial Exam & Hygiene Recare Screenings

Educate New and Existing Patients and Increase Case Acceptance

Many dental practices include T-Scan™ as a screening tool during new patient exams and hygiene recare appointments as a way to identify occlusal issues and treat them before they become a problem. Showing your patients 2D and 3D representations of their bite with T-Scan software helps them to visualize the occlusion and feel more confident in your treatment plan.

T-Scan Initial ExamT-Scan Initial ExamUse T-Scan™ during initial exam and hygiene recare screenings to:

  • Visualize high forces and early interferences instead of relying simply on what the patient feels
  • Uncover imbalances before the patient notices any symptoms
  • Document occlusal data and track changes in the bite over time
  • Position yourself as a progressive doctor with digital technologies that enhance patient care
  • Gain commitment to treatment

Tekscan offers training opportunities so both you and your clinical staff can learn to set-up T-Scan in the office and take proper bite force readings. Assistance from your staff means more time for you to interpret the data and plan outstanding treatment!

Download The Initial Comprehensive Exam and Hygiene Recare Screening Application Brief

CE Groups Recommended Use

The Pankey Institute, The Dawson Academy and The Las Vegas Institute all recommend using T-Scan during initial exams.