Drive your Return to Play Decisions with Data

You are no longer limited by a lack of objective measurement tools. You can collect performance data from an array of technology solutions. Get quantifiable data from Tekscan's portable solutions to analyze lower limb function and movement. 

Tekscan empowers you to easily detect asymmetries, develop injury prevention protocols, and optimize sports performance with a host of pressure measurement solutions designed to meet your unique needs.



Optimize athletes' performance

Magnyfying Glass

Easily detect asymmetries


Develop injury protocols


Tekscan systems provide insights into:

  • Dysfunctions in the gait cycle
  • Return-to-play decisions following injuries
  • Strength imbalance between limbs
  • High pressure areas on the foot potentially indicative of stress fractures
  • Ineffective treatment programs
  • Identify problem areas
  • Visual biofeedback to educate athletes


Full Line of Technology for Sports Performance Assessments

Your athletes depend on you; you can depend on us. Tekscan solutions are used to evaluate your athlete from head to toe on or off the field. Learn more about athletic assessments with our systems to benchmark and track performance. For more information, hover over your area of interest in the image below.

Products & Solutions

With a complete product line of technology for objective sports performance assessments, our solutions are designed to meet your needs both on and off the field. Whether you are performing gait analysis, developing injury prevention protocols, or evaluating an athlete's stability, Tekscan has a solution for you!


Balance & Stability Software

Choose from a selection of software that can be used to improve a subject’s balance, increase their agility, develop muscle tone and treat a wide variety of pathologies.


Rugby helmetPerform comprehensive concussion assessments Sway guyEvaluate sway & postural stability FootObjectively identify & evaluate chronic ankle instability


Complete Balance Assessments


Easy-to-use, it encompasses all of the tools needed for complete balance assessments

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Sway Analysis

SAMTM  (Sway Analysis Module)

 Provides an assortment of parameters such as weight bearing, symmetry,  center of force, and more

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Balance Platforms

Tekscan’s balance platforms are available with different connectivity choices as well as several sensor and software choices. Learn more about the different platforms and configurations available!


Portable Solution



Easily transported for use on the field, in the lab, or almost anywhere

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Larger Surface Area


SB Mat

Accommodates dynamic balance testing, like lunges and squats

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Low Profile



Available in standard and high resolution

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Gait Analysis Systems

We offer platform-based walkway and in-shoe based systems. Both systems provide quantifiable data that a visual assessment might miss for the full gait cycle.


Rugby helmetPressure distribution Temporal parameters

Objective gait insights


Wireless In-shoe System


Ultra-thin, in-shoe sensors capture timing & pressure information for foot function & gait analysis

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Modular Platform System


Capture spatial and temporal data for multiple steps on an award-winning, modular gait analysis platform

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Versatile Sports Performance Applications

Learn more about how Tekscan systems can aid in your sports performance assessments with the resources below. 

Tekscan in Sports​​

Education with SportsAT Software​​


Check out our sports performance playlist on YouTube to see the products in action!