What is SAMâ„¢?

SAM™ is an add-on software module for sway analysis, which requires one of the following systems/software to operate: FootMat™ SoftwareF-Scan™ System, or Strideway™ System. SAM is the ideal tool to analyze sway and assess postural stability by detecting and measuring key stability parameters that would otherwise be unseen by the naked eye. Sway analysis can help to uncover any underlying dysfunctions such as musculoskeletal and neurological problems. 

What is Sway?

Sway is the oscillating movement of the body, while posture is the relative alignment and orientation of the segments of the body. Sway analysis is a systematic assessment of the readiness and stability of the human body to achieve and maintain equilibrium. Sway plays an important role in the overall postural alignment and physical balance of the body and its analysis is critical in understanding how and why we sway in order to maintain posture and achieve balance.

  • Area and direction of sway
  • Elliptical pattern of sway
  • Distance and direction traveled by Center of Force (CoF)
  • Variability in distance traveled by CoF
  • Weight-bearing percentage (left/right, fore/rear foot)
  • Pressure distribution profiles
SAM provides insights into sway area and COF movement.SAM provides insights into sway area and COF movement.

TAM Applications

SAM Applications for Clinicians and Researchers:

  • Physical and Occupational Therapy and Rehabilitation
  • Sports Podiatry, Athletic Training, and Injury Management
  • Chiropractics
  • Risk Assessment and Fall Prevention in Diabetics and the Elderly
  • Orthopedics (joint, ankle, knee, hip) Stability Pre- and Post-Surgery
  • Treatments, Prosthetic, and Orthotic interventions
  • Dentistry and Orthodontics (Occlusion and TMJ Joint Disorders)
  • Kinesiology and Osteopathy (Neuromusculoskeletal Dysfunctions and Back Problems)
  • Neurology and Psychiatry (Neuromusculoskeletal Pathologies and Physical Disabilities)

Systems & Software

SAM™ is an add-on for the following Tekscan systems and software:



Low-profile pressure sensing mat that captures static and dynamic pressure measurement data for foot function and gait analysis.

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High-resolution floor mat designed to capture plantar pressure and forces for both adults and small children.

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sb mat

Durable, portable pressure mat for functional testing of sports performance.

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Mobile Mat

An attractive, lightweight and durable pressure mat for static and dynamic assessments on the field, in the office or in the lab.

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Ultra-thin, in-shoe sensors capture timing and pressure information for foot function and gait analysis.

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strideway modular gait analysis system

The first truly modular gait analysis platform in the industry, providing objective information on force and plantar pressure and other parameters

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FootMat Software for Clinicians

Collects static and dynamic pressure data for analyzing foot function and gait. Software includes automated analysis and reporting. Reports allow for easy communication of treatment plans with patients and insurance documentation.

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FootMat Software for Researchers

Contains the same core features as the FootMat Software for Clinicians, but with added analysis features, including data export to ASCII, AVI, Excel, and MATLAB®, additional calibration points, and synchronization to external devices (additional charges apply).

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