Considering Digital Occlusal Analysis Technology for Your Practice?

T-Scan Novus Core is where to start!

Since occlusion is a factor in nearly every dental application, T-Scan Novus Core is an intutive digital dentistry tool that provides dentists with essential bite force and timing data in a static or dynamic recording for easy analysis. It utilizes an ultra-thin sensor with several pressure-sensing points that produces a dynamic pressure image as the patient bites down.

Using T-Scan contact data points in conjunction with analog occlusion methods – like articulating paper – helps dentists pinpoint exact areas in the patients mouth that may require an adjustment.

Watch this 90-Second Video to See How Fast and Easy it is to Use T-Scan

T-Scan Novus Core helps dentists in a variety of ways:

  • Improved Efficiency: Save time and money by reducing repeat visits
  • Improved Outcomes: Objective data enables more effective treatment and results
  • Patient Education: Easy-to-understand visual data helps the patient relate occlusal data to their symptom, leading to increased case acceptance
  • Digital Workflow: Enhance your workflow by going digital, and never leave your patient

download the t-scan novus core data sheet