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Medical Sensor 3010

The 3010 F-Scan in-shoe sensor is designed for the F-Scan™ GO. The 3010 sensor maintains the same spatial resolution as the legacy F-Scan 3000 series sensors, along with some new design improvements. 

  • Sensor Tab: The 3010 sensor uses the new E-Tab sensor connection. This tab provides less bulk and easier connection to the electronics.
  • New routing: A new layout of routing between the silver traces and the rows and columns improves robustness.
  • New material: Sensors are printed on a slightly thicker polyester substrate than the legacy F-Scan sensors. This design thickness was initially introduced with F-Scan 64 and has the potential to increase sensor durability whilst still maintaining the thinnest in-shoe pressure mapping sensor on the market at 0.28 mm. 

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  • Max # of Sensels: 966
  • Sensor thickness .28mm (0.011 in.)
  • Resolution 3.9 per cm3 / 25 sensels per in2
  • Pressure rating 125 PSI / 862 kPa
  • Trimmable to any shoe size from 14 Mens (USA) (Smallest Size Girls 2)
  • Requires F-Scan Go TekDAQ
  • Uses new E-Tab sensor connection

Measurements are rounded to nearest decimal. If more precise measurements are required (i.e. Thickness to the 1/1000th) please reach out and we would be happy to supply that information for you.


Overall Length
13.87 in
Overall Width
12.35 in
Tab Length
8.65 in
Matrix Height
12.00 in
Matrix Width
4.20 in
0.0110 in


Row Width
0.100 in
Row Spacing
0.200 in
Row Quantity


Column Width
0.100 in
Column Spacing
0.200 in
Column Quantity


Number of Sensels™
Sensel Density
25.0 in2
0.200 in
Max Pressure
  • 125