What is FootVIEW™

This new software simplifies collection and analysis by focusing on the features most commonly used by researchers and provides a modern interface which can easily organize information. The new docking regions allow you to organize important information such as in-shoe pressure distribution and graphs, peak pressure data, and 3-Box Analysis can be presented in a single dashboard. 

Key FootVIEW features:

  • Real-time status view of TekDAQ devices (F-Scan GO)
  • 3-Box Gait Analysis Graphs 
  • Peak Pressure Analysis 
  • Center of Force Trajectory 
  • Support for Wi-Fi communication and control for TekDAQ devices 
  • ASCII Export of pressure and graph data for analysis 
  • Optional Data Reader Toolkit library for direct integration with external software for analysis of recorded data 
  • Synchronization with external devices through external trigger input controls 

Graph View with Device Status Annotated


3 Box Analysis Dashboard

3-Box Analysis automatically segments the foot into heel and forefoot regions to graph force loading curves to measure symmetry and timing of foot function. Analysis can be exported to customizable printable report templates for documentation and patient education. 


Peak Pressure Analysis

Peak Pressure Analysis identifies and quantifies peak pressure areas to confirm the efficacy of offloading treatments with before and after comparisons.

ASCII export

ASCII Export allows sensor data and graphs to be imported and analyzed in external software. 





peak pressure report screenshot

  • Automatically generate report with before and after comparisons
  • Confirm the efficacy of offloading treatments

View a sample peak pressure report

View a sample 3 box graph report



View our bibliography to see the broad depth of applications for the F-Scan.


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