Upgrading from F-Scan Versatek to F-Scan GO

What is F-Scan GO™?

F-Scan GO is a fully cordless in-shoe system for quick and natural gait analysis for clinicians & clinical researchers. The Wi-Fi enabled system works with cordless ankle units to combine the high scanning speed and spatial resolution of the current F-Scan systems with fully wireless electronics and datalogging. It provides essential gait analysis parameters like pressure and force data, timing parameters and Center of Force (CoF).



Why Upgrade to F-Scan GO?

1) Complete Freedom of Movement that Preserves Natural Gait

Cord-free wearable ultralight electronics encourages natural movement. No cables or cords, and no distance limitations allowed full freedom of movement for any advanced gait study.

2) Fast setup: Connect Sensor and “GO”!

F-Scan GO front

The system assembles and configures quickly. Once you've sized your sensors, the velcro-mounted lightweight TekDAQ system slips easily around the ankles and the sensors click right in to start collecting data right away.

3) Onboard Data Storage and Realtime Control

The combination of Wi-Fi control and onboard storage combines the speed of Wi-Fi control and real-time communication with the unlimited range of a data-logging system that automatically syncs for easy control of dynamic measurements in sports activities.    

FootVIEW software gait analysis

4) Next Generation FootVIEW Software

Tekscan's next generation of research software – improved interface, more intuitive, and enhanced for use with a tablet. FootVIEW simplifies data collection and analysis and provides a user-friendly layout using docking regions that allows the user to easily organize information in dashboards.

5) Trusted Research Legacy

The F-Scan GO is the next generation of F-Scan system from Tekscan. Biomechanics and gait researchers have relied on F-Scan systems for years in countess peer-reviewed published papers. We continue that legacy with the most sensor data at the highest scan rates in the industry delivered by systems researcher rely upon for their critical work.

Upgrade Comparison Chart 

F-Scan Go captures all the key benefits of the legacy system into one high performing system. 


F-Scan Go System Components
F-Scan GO TekDAQ with Velcro Ankle Bands, Battery Charger and Micro-SD card