In-Shoe Pressure Measurement Technology

In-shoe systems provide detailed information about what is actually occurring inside the shoe. It is the only way to analyze the interaction between the foot and the shoe.

Evaluating plantar pressure through the use of an in-shoe system helps provide a better understanding of foot function, offers a more complete gait analysis and can help optimize orthotics used to treat pathologies.

Using an in-shoe pressure measurement technique, new insights may be obtained as to plantar pressure distribution, which will enable the formulation of recommendations related to the optimal prescription of insoles.1

F-Scan™ System

The F-Scan™ in-shoe pressure measurement and analysis system uses flexible, thin, trimmable sensors that are placed inside the shoe to capture timing and pressure information for foot function and gait analysis during a clinical test or research trial.

The F-Scan System provides detailed information for a complete gait analysis.The F-Scan System provides detailed information for a complete gait analysis.

Flexible, thin in-shoe sensors give information about what's occurring inside the shoe.Flexible, thin in-shoe sensors give information about what's occurring inside the shoe.

The unique sensor design allows the sensor to be trimmed to fit nearly any shoe.The unique sensor design allows the sensor to be trimmed to fit nearly any shoe.

The F-Scan system is best-in-class for profiling anatomical locations on the plantar surface, offering one of highest spatial resolutions available for in-shoe technology. Wireless and datalogger system options provide maximum flexibility for performing field tests and collecting real world, in-shoe data.

The F-Scan system is used and endorsed by leading researchers and clinicians for objective and accurate information. Now with automation of specific protocols and reporting, the software is even easier than ever to use!

See for yourself the valuable insights into the gait cycle provided by the F-Scan System!


Actual software recording synchronized with illustrations of the gait cycle. Please note gait cycle illustrations are not included in the software.


Are you Interested in Designing a Smart Shoe?

FlexiForce™ sensors are ideal because their ultra-thin profile does not disrupt the subject’s natural gait. By embedding our FlexiForce force sensors with your own electronics into the shoe design, you will be able to develop a footwear product that is able to measure and analyze force feedback and trigger an appropriate action, e.g. monitoring activity, notification in the event of a patient fall or correcting balance problems by providing sensory stimulation.

To learn more about our custom force sensors for OEM applications, visit our FlexiForce customization page to learn more about our capabilities.

1 Tang, U. et al., 2014. “Comparison of Plantar Pressure in Three Types of Insole Given to Patients with Diabetes at Risk of Developing Foot Ulcers - a Two-year, Randomized Trial” Journal of Clinical & Translational Endocrinology 1 (2014) 121-132

Products & Solutions

In-Shoe Pressure Measurement Solutions

The F-Scan™ system is available with different data collection options including wireless, tethered and datalogger. In addition to our standard ultra-thin sensors, we offer long handle sensors for use inside boots, rugged sport sensors and XL sensors for unique applications. Learn more about the different F-Scan options and configurations available!


Real-Life Applications of In-Shoe Analysis

Learn more about the versatility of the F-Scan™ system applications with real-life case studies and applications.

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Numerous articles have been published regarding computerized gait analysis and its applications. Tekscan has compiled a list of these research publications in our Medical Bibliography.

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