Gait abnormalities and bilateral asymmetries can be common among pediatric patients and if left unaddressed can become more severe.  However, performing gait research or developing rehabilitation treatment plans for pediatric patients can be challenging. 

Non-Invasive Gait Technology

Children can be timid or unable to perform the types of test required to gather essential data to build those rehab plans or conduct the research. This is why using validated technology is essential for providing parameters to build effective treatment plans, helping you improve your pediatric patients’ lives. With non-invasive equipment, collect essential insights into pediatric foot function, stability and gait.  

Tekscan offers high resolution, easy to use solutions for gait and balance analysis. The modular pressure sensitive platform, it’s easy to collect important insights into pediatric foot function and gait.  

Strideway System: Modular Gait Analysis

The Strideway, our newest gait analysis system, is modular platform system to capture pressure, forces and temporal-spatial parameters for a detailed gait analysis.  With a variety of lengths available, altered gait due to step targeting is minimized. Quickly and easily collect insights into pediatric gait and foot function. 

Strideway 4 model shown here.Strideway 4 model shown here.

  • High resolution available to ensure no data is missed in small feet
  • Lengths from 1-5 meters that are sure to meet your needs
  • View full specs here

Comprehensive Gait Insights Software

  • Segment the foot for a detailed look at function during the gait cycle
  • Identify areas of high pressure and areas of potential pain points
  • Gait timing insights as this can indicative of asymmetries or function complications
  • Compare pre/post treatment data to confirm effectiveness 

Research-Validated Gait Tools

In a study performed by Coda, A., et al., using the HR Walkway - current offering is the High Resolution Strideway, the authors state “Compared to other barefoot analysis systems, the HR Walkway not only is able to provide high resolution recordings but also allows multiple steps recordings. This option is particularly useful when dealing with young children because in some instances up to 4 or 5 steps were recorded at the same time, which helped avoiding targeting errors during gait.”1

“These results suggest that the HR Walkway provides repeatable and reproducible recordings and is suitable to be used in future studies involving children.”1 

Hear Dr. Coda share discuss some of his pediatric research using Tekscan’s technology. 

View the full webinar here


1. Coda, A., Carline, Tom and Derek Santos, 2014. "Repeatability and reproducibility of the Tekscan HR-Walkway system in healthy children." The Foot, 24 (2): 49-55.  


See Pediatric Gait Data in Action

Click the play button below to watch a five-minute video demonstrating how to use Strideway as a return-to-play assessment tool to help clinicians benchmark a child's recovery process. This article explains more.





Are you limited by space constraints?

For smaller clinics with space constraints, the MobileMat HR is available.  With the same high resolution technology, it has a smaller footprint within your lab or clinic but offers similar insights into foot function and plantar pressure.


MobileMat HRMobileMat HR


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