Enhance Your Gait Analysis

Tekscan offers two distinctive solutions for performing meaningful gait analyses: Platform-based walkway and in-shoe-based systems. Both systems provide objective, quantifiable data from heel contact to toe off during the full gait cycle. Unique insights from these systems help you identify asymmetries and abnormalities which otherwise might go undetected.

Pivot Phases in Gait

The 3-Box approach provides Force vs. Time graphs for the total foot, forefoot and heel.The 3-Box approach provides Force vs. Time graphs for the total foot, forefoot and heel.

There are three primary pivots in gait: the heel pivot, the ankle pivot and the forefoot pivot.

Tekscan's 3-Box approach allows you to segment the foot for a more detailed analysis of these three primary pivots of gait. The Gait Curve shows total vertical ground reaction force from heel strike to toe-off.

Force vs. Time graphs for the forefoot and heel provide for specific loading patterns during heel contact and forefoot contact, independent of and in conjunction with the Gait Curve.

Tekscan's innovative Gait Analysis Systems

The Strideway™ is a gait analysis system that uniquely provide spatial-temporal data from multiple sequential footsteps during the gait cycle. Strideway Systems are available in multiple sensor resolutions and lengths from 1-5 meters that are sure to meet your needs.

The F-Scan™, an in-shoe foot pressure measurement system, uses pressure and timing data to reveal what’s happening inside the shoe during the phases of gait.

Regardless of whether you choose the walkway or in-shoe system, they provide accurate, repeatable data for a broad range of tests and insights including:

  • Pinpoint issues in the gait cycle
  • Identify and correct pathomechanical dysfunctions
  • Improve athletic performance
  • Measure change after treatment
  • Plantar pressure profiles of pressure distribution
  • Pressures and forces during gait displayed in time graphs (gait curves)
  • Position and trajectories for center of force (CoF) during stance phases of gait
  • Force and pressure time integrals (impulse)

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Gait Analysis Systems


See why leading clinicians rely on the accurate pressure data from Tekscan for a complete gait analysis and improved patient outcomes.

Numerous articles have been published regarding computerized gait analysis using the F-Scan™ and Strideway™ system. Tekscan has compiled a list of these research publications in our Medical Bibliography.

Insights into Gait Analysis


See for yourself the valuable insights into the gait cycle provided by the F-Scan System.


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