Education, Communication, and Case Acceptance

Include T-Scan™ into Initial Comprehensive Exams as well as Hygiene Recare Screenings in order to uncover occlusal imbalances before they become a problem as well as document and track changes in the bite over time. This leads to a more informed, proactive level of care and helps you to build outstanding doctor-patient relationships.


Example of a report generated by T-Scan software. Great for patients to take home after their bite is evaluated using T-ScanExample of a report generated by T-Scan software. Great for patients to take home after their bite is evaluated using T-Scan

  • Bite force readings display the timing and force of individual teeth coming together
  • 2D and 3D mapping allow dentists to pinpoint occlusal contact locations
  • T-Scan helps document occlusal data from initial exam throughout all stages of treatment
  • Educate patients on their occlusion and the treatment necessary to balance bite forces

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Products & Solutions

Products & Solutions

T-Scan™ is a digital occlusal analysis system consisting of a patented sensor, USB-based handle, and proprietary software that reveals the level and timing of force on individual teeth and the stability of the patient’s bite.



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When included in the initial patient exam, T-Scan™ identifies occlusal problems early on, contributing to a more precise diagnosis and better treatment outcomes.

Training & Education

Training & Education

At Tekscan, we strive to provide T-Scan™ users with the best training resources possible so they can become masters in the field of digital occlusion.

T-Scan™ Product Training

Implementing Digital Bite Force Dynamics Course 2014Implementing Digital Bite Force Dynamics Course 2014

Our experienced trainers work with customers using T-Scan every day. They are knowledgeable about product utilization and clinical implementation, and are available to answer questions about the product.  Tekscan offers live or web-based training so that you can fully understand and interpret T-Scan data for clinical applications.

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Continuing Education

Industry-leading continuing education groups have built T-Scan into their core curriculum. We are proud to work with our partners to further T-Scan’s impact on field of dentistry worldwide, and create better treatment outcomes for dentists and patients alike. You'll find us at both U.S. and international courses, seminars, and events that feature digital occlusion.

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Bibliography of Research Articles

BibilographyWe are also proud to work with dentists who are pioneering the technology movement. Many dentists use T-Scan in their everyday practice as well as in research, as referenced in hundreds of studies contained in our bibliography. Virtually every T-Scan application is chronicled in our compilation of case studies and articles, featuring topics such as:

  • Abfraction Formation and Root Recession Defects
  • Adhesive and Esthetic Prostheses
  • Cosmetic Restorations
  • Full Mouth Reconstruction
  • Implant Prosthodontics
  • Natural Tooth Occlusal Function
  • Orthodontics
  • Prosthodontics
  • Splint/Orthotic Therapy
  • Temporomandibular Disorders

Learn more about case studies, research, and articles that feature the T-Scan.