Tekscan Medical & Biomechanics: An Evolutionary Partnership

In honor of National Biomechanics Day, a world-wide celebration of Biomechanics in its many forms for high school students and teachers, we've decided to explore the progress Tekscan Medical has made in transforming, through its pressure measurement systems, how clinicians and researchers evaluate lower extremity biomechanics.

While Tekscan's medical department hasn't been around quite as long as the field of biomechanics (give or take 2,400 years), it has, over the past twenty-five plus years, produced a portfolio of systems designed to help leading clinicians, hospitals and universities around the world gather accurate, reliable data to improve patient care.

The evolution of biomechanics continues to this day, and as our knowledge of lower extremity biomechanics grows, our means of measurement must also evolve. To address research and clinical markets' ever-changing needs, Tekscan continuously enhances the features and capabilities of its pressure measurement solutions. So today, we offer a look at how Tekscan Medical is contributing to the field of biomechanics.

In 1991, Tekscan released the F-Scan™ in-shoe analysis system, the first gait analysis system of its kind with the thinnest in-shoe sensors on the market. This system is best-in-class for profiling anatomical locations on the plantar surface and offers one of the highest spatial resolutions available for in-shoe technology. Over the years, Tekscan has added wireless and datalogger system options to provide maximum flexibility for performing field tests and collecting real-world, in-shoe data.

Tekscan's HR Mat

A few years after launching F-Scan, Tekscan introduced a pressure sensing mat solution designed to capture static and dynamic pressure measurement data for foot function and gait analysis: MatScan™. Software enhancements have paved the way for clinicians and researchers to utilize the MatScan for a variety of applications such as foot function analysis, gait analysis, postural stability, sway analysis, fall risk assessments, and pressure offloading.

Tekscan's Mobile Mat

To facilitate the study of pediatric patients, Tekscan presented the HR Mat™, which uses our highest spatial sensor resolution to accurately profile anatomical locations on the plantar surface. This high resolution sensor supports the visualization of the effect of small bones and other components of the foot, making it ideal for the pediatric population. 

MobileMat™ joined the Tekscan Medical family of products as an attractive, lightweight, and durable mat for static and dynamic pressure assessment on the field, in the office, or in the lab. The portability of the MobileMat minimizes set-up time and allows users to easily evaluate static and dynamic foot function, profile anatomical landmarks, assess postural stability, and perform balance and sway analysis.

To serve the sports performance market, Tekscan launched its SB Mat™ (video). Paired with our software, the mat allows users to gather quantitative data needed to make return-to-sport decisions, assess injury risk, and track progress over time. 

In an effort to provide clinicians and researchers with a complete gait analysis solution, Tekscan produced the Walkway™ gait analysis system. The Walkway provides objective information on force and plantar pressure, plus temporal and spatial parameters. This year, Tekscan will introduce its new pressure measurement walkway, Strideway™. Market feedback drove the development of this new platform, which includes modular tiles, a fully flush surface, and advanced reporting features. We're confident Strideway will be a gait analysis game-changer!

Tekscan Strideway

Here at Tekscan, we're dedicated to assisting the biomechanics industry with lower extremity evaluation and measurement. As the field of biomechanics expands in response to new findings, so too will Tekscan Medical continue to expand and improve upon its offerings. We're proud to support this industry and all of the labs and facilities participating in this year's National Biomechanics Day!

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