Gait mat

HR Mat

High-resolution, advanced floor mat designed to capture plantar pressure and forces for both adults and small children.

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Gait Mat for Plantar Pressure Analysis

The HR Mat™ platform uses our highest spatial sensor resolution to accurately profile anatomical locations on the plantar surface. Working with our innovative software to provide users with reliable pressure data for studying foot function and gait. The HR Mat is ideal for studying the pediatric population because the high resolution sensor supports visualization of the effect of small bones and other components of the foot.

HR Mat Features:

  • High-resolution mat system for capturing barefoot plantar pressure, assessing foot function, and analyzing gait
  • Sensor spatial resolution of 4 Sensels™/cm2 (25 Sensels/in2
  • Low profile, floor mat height 0.225 in (0.57 cm)
  • Easy-to-use technology with USB connection
  • Scanning rate up to 185 Hz
  • Compatible with gait lab technology, such as EMG and motion capture systems

Software Selection

FootMat Software 3-Box protocol. Click to enlarge.FootMat Software 3-Box protocol. Click to enlarge.

FootMat™ Software for Clinicians - Collects static and dynamic pressure data for analyzing foot function and gait. Software includes automated analysis and reporting.

FootMat Software for Researchers - Contains the same core features as the software for clinicians but has added features specific to research applications (for example: the ability to export to Excel, ASCII and MATLAB®).

For multi-step analysis, check out our Strideway™ System for human gait analysis.



HR Mat™ Applications

  • Reduce incidence of ulcers and/or pressure sores by observing what the neuropathic foot cannot feel
  • Provide supporting documentation for fee-for-service approach and/or insurance claims
  • Use as an educational tool to teach rehabilitation exercises for the lower limb
  • Identify plantar pressure profile asymmetries between left and right feet
  • Perform in-depth analysis of foot function by isolating sections of the foot such as the heel, mid-foot, and forefoot
  • Review dynamic weight transfer and local pressure concentrations
  • Identify areas of potential ulcerations
  • Monitor improvements in balance, strength & weight bearing

Numerous articles have been published regarding computerized gait analysis and its applications. Tekscan has compiled a list of these research publications in our Medical Bibliography.

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HR Mat™ System Components

The HR Mat™ system includes the sensor platform, scanning electronics and a choice of software: FootMat Software™ for Clinicians or FootMat Software for Researchers (available for an additional cost).

Wires connect the sensor and scanning electronics to the computer via USB port. Dynamic events are captured with scan rates of 185 Hz.



HR Mat™ Sensors

  • Sensing area is 19.20 x 17.60 in (48.77 x 44.70 cm)
  • Assess minute abnormalities with 8,448 sensing elements
  • Resistive technology
  • Pressure range is 125 psi/862 kPa
  • Floor mat height is 0.225 in (0.57 cm)
  • Sensor spatial resolution is 4 Sensels™/cm2 (25 Sensels/in2)


HR Mat™ Software Compatibility

The HR Mat™ platform supports the full suite of software applications for studying foot function, gait, peak plantar pressure, weight distribution, stance timing, balance and sway analyses and concussion assessments.

The price of the mat includes the following software:

FootMat Software for Clinicians generates comprehensive reports.FootMat Software for Clinicians generates comprehensive reports.

FootMat™ Software for Clinicians: Collects static and dynamic pressure data for analyzing foot function and gait. Software includes automated analysis and reporting.

Looking for more advanced software?  Research specific software is available for an additional charge. 

FootMat Software showing 3-Box foot parameters table.FootMat Software showing 3-Box foot parameters table.

FootMat Software for Researchers: Contains the same core features as the FootMat Software for Clinicians but has added features for a more detailed analysis. Including data export capabilities (ASCII, AVI, MATLAB®), additional calibration points and the ability to synchronize with external devices.

All Tekscan software works with current Windows® based operating systems. To view the complete computer requirements click here.

The software is available in several languages including Spanish, French and German. View software languages available.



Optional add-on protocols and software can be purchased for an additional cost. A software development kit is also available that enables you to build your own applications.